The Best Sandblasting Equipment Made in the USA


No Nonsense Blast Cabinets

If you want a good blast cabinet without hassle choose Cyclone. Our sandblasting equipment arrives fully assembled and will not leak. Also, quality sand blasting equipment does not have to break your budget. Enter the Cyclone lineup of sandblasting equipment.  We cut metal via plasma, precisely form it, weld, seal, paint and assemble. Each step is carefully performed and checked for quality. Last but not least, we do all this and make it affordable. Do not overspend on a blast cabinet.

Blast Cabinet Construction Matters

Having a stable blast cabinet is critical for ease of use and safety. First, cabinets with bolt on legs (or weak welds) can wobble. Adding a heavy part to a cheap blast cabinet could cause the cabinet to fail. Further, if you bolt legs to cabinets or have to assemble the system, you may find the cabinet leaking from the bolts or screws. Check the manual before you buy a cheap sandblasting equipment. Cheaper substitutes are absolutely NO MATCH for Cyclone equipment.

Sandblast Cabinet Names and Dimensions

Our names indicate the inside dimensions of the cabinet. For example, the 4224 is 42″ wide by 42″ deep.  As you browse cabinets each one has its own page with detail on dimensions, blast system, lids, door counts and much more.  Finally, do not be confused by the nomenclature:  Bead blaster, media blaster, sand blast cabinet.  For simplicity’s sake, they all perform the same basic function using different media types.  We have a deeper conversation on that in this article.

As you browse our blast cabinets, please know that we can at your request modify certain specifications. For instance, if you want a 5, 25, 35 CFM system instead of 14 CFM it can be modified. If you prefer a trigger gun or a pedal operated system, we can accommodate your needs.

Tumble Sandblasting Equipment

Tumble blasters are a great way to have a semi-automated blasting process.  Additionally they are easy to use.  Just put parts in the basket, turn the convenient timer dial, and let the powerful motor rotate the basket and blast away.  

Parts in the Basket, Turn the Dial, Blast.

Customers use this for parts that need deburring, prepping the surface gun parts and arrow heads, and many more.  Any small parts that fit in the basket can be cleaned or prepped with easy.  Just toss in the parts and turn the dial.  The basket is easy to remove so that you can load it and unload it outside the cabinet.  Several videos of the T14 are available and demonstrate the ease of use.

Pressure Pot Sandblasters

Pressure blasters are a special kind of sandblasting equipment.  They have the potential to make your blasting work go much faster.  Higher pressure blasting equipment leads to more powerful contact from the abrasive onto your parts.  A pressure pot allows your work to be done outside or on parts too large for a cabinet.  

The PT-100 SK is a “side kick” pressure pot.  Easily convert your existing siphon cabinet to a pressure blaster.  If you are curious about the pros and cons of pressure blasters, we can help.  Please review our comparison by clicking here.

Dust Collection Equipment

What is a Sandblasting Dust Collector?

Cyclone blast cabinet dust collector systems are designed to keep the work area inside a blast cabinet visible during blasting.  We have two sizes designed for blast cabinet dust collecting.  We also have a dust extractor and reclaimer as well.  A reclaimer can also be known as a media separator.  

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) – How much air is moving?

Our first model is a 90 CFM and our other sandblasting dust collector option is a 400 CFM system.  Cyclone dust extractors are extremely powerful, reliable, and easy to maintain.  Additionally, all our models are made in the USA and backed by Cyclone’s manufacturer warranty.  Finally, we also have all replacement parts in stock should you need them.

Choose the Right Sandblasting Equipment

Complete Line

Other important features of our sand blasting equipment are that we proudly make them in the USA and make it affordable.  Spending a fortune on blasting equipment takes money away from your wallet.  As a result of our affordable sandblasters and dust collection equipment you keep more money in your pocket.  All this and we still produce high quality cabinets with many great features.

Blasting Equipment

Searching for blasting equipment online is difficult.  There are many cabinet options available.  We proudly provide our equipment at affordable pricing.  We do so without sacrificing quality, power, or options.  Our blasting equipment come in large, small, pressure, and suction configurations.  Sand blasting with Cyclone is easy and affordable.

Cabinet Openings Matter

Placing parts into an abrasive cabinet is a significant decision in the selection process.  Lifting heavy parts in and out of cabinet will, over time, be taxing on a user.  Additionally, opening type can impact the size of the parts that go into the cabinet.  Further, having to adjust parts from outside is much easier with opening options. Therefore, our bead and media cabinet designs take these factors into consideration.

Flip Top Opening

Our flip top cabinets are easy to open and operate.  They work like a clam shell.  For example, opening the solid latches on the front of the 3624 easily release the cabinet lid giving you access into the cabinet.  However, the glove ports are stationary when the lid opens.  For most users this is not an issue.  Having a full top opening option does give a cabinet a different degree of flexibility.

As you already may know, a full top opening cabinet provides a greater degree of flexibility for access.  When the lid of a full top unit is opened, the entire front of the cabinet lifts as well.  Therefore, the access to the inside of the cabinet is much more direct.