Sand Blasting Media

We have a wide variety of sand blasting media.  Additionally we provide important information about each type of sand blast media.  Blasting media is not one size fits all.  Because the type of blast media depends on your project, you must understand your project.  As a result of our years of industry experience, we are ready to help you choose sand blasting media perfect for your project.  If you have questions please call or email us.

Shop & Buy Sandblasting Media

We can sell blasting media media in 50 pound increments and provide multiple pallets.  Pricing shown does not include shipping.  This page has detailed information about abrasive media.  Please let us know if you need help or have questions about sand blast media quantities.

Affordable Abrasive Media

All of our abrasive media is available in multiple grit sizes.  We can provide small volumes of 50 pounds and ship multiple pallet loads.  Please let us know what you are looking for if yo don’t see it.  We have aggressive media pricing and can ship almost anywhere.

Factors in Choosing Sandblasting Media


Abrasive Media – Hardness, Shape, Size and Density

Choosing an abrasive media for a specific project can be complex.  First, a discussion on the hardness of the abrasive.  Second we will consider the shape of the abrasive.  Next a look at size and finally a quick peak at density.  Finally, as we close out the discussion we introduce the concept of velocity.  While not a property of abrasive media it can greatly effect how any abrasive behaves.

Why Sand Blast Media Hardness is Important

Abrasive media hardness is very important.  In general, the harder an abrasive is the faster it will remove surface material.  Of course being fast is not always the most important factor in selecting a blast abrasive.  Penetration and finish are mutually important considerations.  Scroll down for some detail on how abrasive hardness is measured.