Pressure Sandblaster

Pressure Sandblaster

Both our pressure tanks offer similar characteristics.  The primary difference is the PT100 SK brings pressure blaster power to a new or existing sandblast cabinet.  The PT100 is a more tradition portable pressure blasting solution.  Pressure sandblasters are able to increase the velocity of the abrasive media, and thus in most circumstances, work faster than non-pressure sandblasters.

Made in the USA

Pressure Pot Blasters Have These Features in Common

  • 90 Pound Abrasive Capacity (Longer blasting time between refills)
  • Large 6″ Rubber Wheels (Easy to move even when full)
  • 10′ Sandblast Hose (Improved reach and flexibility during use)
  • ASCME Certified Tank (Pressure Rated for Safety)
  • 23 CFM Ceramic Nozzle (We have larger and smaller nozzles, as well as tungsten carbide – just ask!)

PT 100 Pressure Blaster


Easily move this pressure pot, even when full.  The PT100 pressure blaster offers powerful blasting capability combined with easy mobility.  Easily control the blast stream with the valve operated sandblast gun and ceramic nozzle.

PT 100 SK Pressure Blaster


The PT100 SK is our “side kick” pressure pot.  Add pressure sandblast power to an existing siphon fed sandblaster.  Easily direct and control the blast stream with a pedal operated sandblast gun.