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Full Line of Sandblasting Equipment

When often say, “full line” of sandblasting equipment, and we mean it.  Because of this, we offer all sizes of sandblasting cabinets, sandblaster parts, air components, and accessories.  Additionally we offer a wide range of abrasive blasting media.  A full line means you can work with a single vendor on everything you need when it comes to abrasive blasting.  Blast cabinets, abrasive media, dust collectors, and much more.  Finally, if you don’t see it our friendly customer service is always ready to help.

October Specials

E-100 Abrasive

Benchtop Sandblasting Cabinet

Now through October 31, 2019 – get THREE FREE window shields with the purchase of an E-100.  Mention Code “Shield” when ordering or getting a quote!


Only $239 Plus shipping!

Now ships fully assembled.


This powerful sandblasting cabinet has a small footprint.  Ideal for DIY users, the home garage, and even commercial applications.  Fits on a table top, bench top, almost anywhere.  Compare the the competition, you will find our E-100 doesn’t leak, comes fully assembled, and is built to last.

  • Working Dimensions:  22.5″W x 18″D x 14″H
  • Air Requirements:  Trigger Operated, 14 CFM @ 80-100 PSI
  • Construction:  Thick polyethylene with expanded steel grate
  • Made in USA


Large Sandblasting Cabinet

Now through October 31, 2019, when you purchase an FT-6035:  Get one free 50 pound box of 80 grit aluminum oxide and One free pair of replacement gloves.  Mention code “6035” when ordering!

large sandblasting cabinet

Only $1846 Plus shipping!

Fully Assembled | Made in USA | No Leaks


One of our most popular sized large sandblast cabinets.  Spacious inside, powerful blast gun, flip tip lid and side door.  Perfect for the home workshop or a commercial environment.

  • Working Dimensions:  60″W x 35″D x 30″H
  • Air Requirements:  Foot Pedal Operated, 14 CFM @ 80-100 PSI
  • Construction:  Welded steel.  Full top opening with side door (right side)
  • Includes Dust Collector
  • Made in USA

New Mini Sandblasters / Benchtop Sandblaster Cabinets

NEW * E100P – Mini Sandblaster


The E100 P builds on the E100 benchtop blast cabinet.  The P stands for pencil.  The pencil blast gun provides a very precise blast stream.  This model also offers a foot pedal in place of the E100 trigger sandblast gun. Etch glasswork, remove rust from smaller parts, prep for painting and much more.

NEW * E100LTC Mini Sandblaster


The LTC in the E100 LTC, brings a wand style sandblaster gun with a tungsten carbide nozzle.  “TC” adds a long lasting blast nozzle and accompanying foot pedal control.  Extremely efficient and powerful, it’s almost unfair to call it a mini-sandblaster!  Plenty of interior space for big or small parts.  Remove rust and other debris from smaller parts, prep for painting and much more.

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Listed 10/1/2019

Quantity 1: BT-20

  • Returned to us for Minor Freight Damage
  • Brand New & 100% Ready to go
  • Tabletop Blast Cabinet
  • Bargain Price:  $250 + Shipping