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Happy New Year!

January’s featured sandblast cabinet lineup!  This month we feature some benchtop blasters to large capacity abrasive blasting cabinets.  The dimensions shown on each card are “Working Dimensions” inside the cabinet.



19''W x 17''D x 12''H

$399 + Shipping

Benchtop Model
Foot Pedal Operated
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
All Steel Cabinet



60''W x 35''D x 27''H

$1,846 + Shipping

90 CFM Dust Collector
Foot Pedal Operated
Large Side Door
Full Top Opening


DWS 6035

60''W x 35''D x 27''H

$1,990 + Shipping

Dual Workstation
Two Guns & Foot Pedals
25 CFM Sandblast Gun
Full Top Opening



46''W x 46''D x 33''H

$3,790 + Shipping

Two Large Side Doors
700# Capacity Turntable
Foot Pedal Operated
35 CFM Sandblast Gun

The cabinet list prices are shown on the back of each card.  Shipping costs are not included and we are happy to provide shipping quotes over the phone or by email.  Throughout our site you can “Get a Quote”.  If you want to checkout our full lineup of blasting cabinets, please click the Browse All Cabinet Sizes button below.

Full Line of Sandblasting Equipment

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When is “Used” not “Used?

Searching for a great deal on a sandblast cabinet or dust collector?  First, most Internet searches for used sandblast cabinets leads you to eBay or some other equipment scrap yard.  Next, wouldn’t you prefer sand blast equipment that is like new and discounted?  Then search no more!  Our used sandblasting equipment for is really “like new”.  Additionally, they are often prototypes and never used at all!

Like New and Affordable

We often receive freight damaged equipment.  This ranges from industrial abrasive sandblast cabinets to sandblast dust collectors.  Whether a prototype or freight damaged, our staff checks the item before it can be sold.  Most importantly, we fix anything that may be wrong.  As a result, you receive the same high-quality like new sandblasting equipment at a great price.

Affordable Budget Friendly Prices

High Quality Bead Blasters & Media Blasting Equipment

We provide American made sandblast cabinets, bead blasters, media blasting cabinets, equipment and supplies.  Cyclone manufactures the best media blasting equipment.  Most noteworthy, this includes blast cabinets, dust collectors, and abrasive media.  Hence, our full catalog of sandblaster parts and accessories is in stock and ready to get to work for you.

Affordable Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets

A sandblast cabinet can be an expensive investment.  First, the cost of steel, the metal in the gun and nozzle, and of course the dust collector.  But, did you know you can get a high quality welded steel cabinet with a dust collector and have it be affordable?  Absolutely!  We understand our customers and we definitely understand bead blasting and abrasive media blasting.  As a result we put maximum effort into making solid leak proof cabinets that last for a very long time.  Our dust collectors are also built to the same high quality standards and also affordable.  How can we provide high quality and make it affordable?

The answer?  We keep it simple.  Sandblast cabinet design should simple.  A complex cabinet is going to make your work more difficult and lead to frustration.  Openings should be easy to use and a strong cabinet design like you get from Cyclone will last for decades.   Easy to use lighting and sandblast guns are all considerations we put into every one of our abrasive media blasters.

Cyclone DWS 6035 Dual Workstation Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

Abrasive Sand Blast Flexibility

Cyclone sandblasting cabinets are affordable and extremely flexible.  Whether you are looking for a small bead blaster or industrial sandblasting cabinets, we answer the call.  Additionally, we offer direct pressure and siphon fed media blasting cabinet configurations as well as portable blaster solutions.  Because of the combination of affordability and flexibility, Cyclone abrasive media blast cabinets are found in labs, industrial environments and DIY applications.  Finally, as always, if you don’t see something, please contact us, we can help!