Providing a complete line of sandblasting equipment

For 40+ years Cyclone continues to design and manufacture high quality, and affordable abrasive blast cabinets. Our sandblasting equipment ranges from large industrial sand blast cabinets, dust collection systems, and direct pressure pot sandblasters. We warranty and support our sandblasting equipment and provide the very best in sandblasting cabinets and dust collection systems. We are a call or email away, let us know what we can do to help you.

Featured Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet of the Month

Model FT-6035 Abrasive Blast Cabinet


The FT-6035 is one of our most popular large sand blast cabinets for sale. This cabinet boasts a spacious interior and wide side door. The entire cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge steel, welded, and sealed to prevent leaks.

This unit has a full opening top with gas assist shocks that makes getting large parts in and out of the cabinet very user friendly. It can be used in industrial environments or for a home user looking for a flexible and powerful sandblasting cabinet.

We have these units in stock and can provide a shipping quote over the phone or by email.


  • 16 Gauge Steel Construction.
  • Includes a sandblasting dust collector
  • Foot Pedal Operated sandblast system
  • Tungsten Carbide - 25 CFM Sand blast Gun system
  • High quality * Affordable * Budget Friendly

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Complete Line of Sandblasting Cabinets and Equipment

Cyclone Abrasive Sandblaster Cabinets

Cyclone Manufacturing provides high-quality abrasive sandblasting cabinets, dust collectors, sandblasting media, supplies and accessories at affordable prices. Compared to the competition, our equipment is built stronger and lasts longer. Cheaper equipment will not last and will leak. Our blasting cabinets are all sturdy welded steel construction (no rivets or bolt on parts), this includes the doors.

We manufacture our own steel cabinets and powder coat them to finish and protect. We have real people answering the phone, no phone systems to struggle through when you need us. We offer superior abrasive sand blast cabinets, affordable prices, and faster lead times. Our abrasive cabinets come in large industrial sizes, direct pressure, and benchtop sizes and all made in the USA. Most of our blast cabinets include a powerful 90 CFM sandblast dust collector system. We also have dust collection systems that have a higher CFM rates.

Powerful industrial abrasive sand blast cabinets large or small capacity.

With budgets in mind, we produce quality that won't hit your bottom line.

Made in the USA - Sandblast Cabinet Videos

Learn more about abrasive sandblasting cabinets - made in the USA. We feature a few of our most popular abrasive sandblasting cabinets videos. We build powerful, long lasting, high quality sandblast cabinets and make them budget friendly.

Model 4040 Large Sandblast Cabinet

Perfect combination of size, power, and convenience.

Model 4848 Large Sandblast Cabinet

A BEAST - Huge space, dual side doors, amazing blasting power.

Model FT-6035 Large Sandblast Cabinet

One of our most popular sized abrasive blast cabinets.

Model 4826 Large Sandblast Cabinet

Medium to Large sized work pieces, meet the 4826!

Want more vidoes? You can visit our channel too. New content all the time.

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Looking for used sandblasting equipment or dust collection equipment?

If you want used abrasive blast equipment, a used sandblaster cabinet, we have a regular inventory. When we say used we actually mean like new. Our used inventory typically consists of prototypes or items lightly damaged in shipping. A used sand blast cabinet is a great way to save money.

Steel Welded Abrasive
Sand Blast Cabinets

cyclone-model-dws-6035 large abrasive sandblasting cabinet

Model FT-6035 Sand Blast Cabinet

Our Flagship Cabinet

Our abrasive sandblasting cabinets are welded from high quality steel, sealed, and powder coated within our own facility. We control the entire process and proudly say it was made in the USA. The welded steel gives our cabinets stability that you will not find with the competition. Watch out for the competition that requires you to bolt on the legs or that have pop-rivets. These will wobble and leak.

Affordable Abrasive
Sandblasting Cabinets

cyclone-model-m-4848 industrial abrasive sandblasting cabinet

Model M-4848 Blast Cabinet

An abrasive sandblasting blast cabinet should last a long time. And it should not cost you a fortune and with Cyclone - it won't. Investing in a quality Cyclone abrasive blasting cabinet is easy on your budget. We make your blasting cabinet investment affordable and never sacrifice quality or service. We offer pre sales and post sales support. No elaborate phone systems. Just call and we will help you.

The Best Sand Blast
Equipment Made in the USA

cyclone-model-bt-20 small abrasive benchtop sandblaster cabinet

Model BT-20 Benchtop Sandblaster Cabinet Shown

Making a claim such as "the best sandblasting cabinets" is bold. We believe it is true. We carefully engineer our equipment, weld and assemble them, and stand behind them. The sand blast cabinets have powerful streams that quickly and efficiently do the job. The cabinets are designed to last and the craftsmenship speaks for itself. Our high quality industrial sandblast equipment will never let you down.

The best and affordable abrasive sandblasting cabinets are made by Cyclone.


With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we have the knowledge and hardware to help you succeed. We take great pride in our craftsmanship. Our abrasive sandblasting cabinets are designed and fabricated in the USA. As a family business we understand that each customer has unique needs and is important to us.

As a local business, we take great pride in our ability to offer the best blasting cabinets at prices that wont hit your bottom line.

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Sand/Media/Bead Blasting?

What is a sandblaster? Is it the same as a large industrial sandblaster? Abrasive, bead, media blasting? Is there difference? Why so many terms?

These terms refer to the abrasives that comes out of the sandblaster gun. It is VERY IMPORTANT to never use any sand in a blast cabinet or you risk your health and life. Learn more or call us today for safe alternatives to sand. Large abrasive cabinet, industrial cabinet, benchtop sandblaster? We can explain.

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Customer Service

With any abrasive sandblast cabinet, parts may wear out and trouble may find you. With our customer service you don't have to hunt for help in a phone system.

Our expert staff is here to help you make a cabinet selection or troubleshoot a problem you may have. When selecting any abrasive sandblasting machine, make sure you know who you are buying from. Give us a call today and try us out.

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