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Year End Sandblast Cabinet Promotion & Rebate

$150.00 Manufacturer REBATE

$1,748.00 + Shipping

Cyclone Model 4040 Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets
  • Large 40″ Sandblast Cabinet

  • INCLUDES Dust Collector

  • Ceramic Nozzle

  • Foot Pedal Blast Operation

  • Steel Side Door

  • Strong Steel Legs Welded to Bead Blasting Cabinet

Get $150.00 Rebate if you order and pay by 12/31/2018.  Click the More on the 4040 button and request a shipping quote.  Buy direct or through your favorite distributor.

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cyclone-dc1500 abrasive sandblast dust collector split

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Sandblaster Parts


Are looking for a great deal on sandblasting equipment?  Then look at our like-new inventory!  We regularly offer our prototype units for sale.  As a result, this inventory will not last long and can save you money! 

High Quality Bead Blasters & Media Blasting Equipment

Affordable Budget Friendly Prices

We provide American made sandblast cabinets, bead blasters, media blasting cabinets, equipment and supplies.  Cyclone manufactures the best media blasting equipment.  Most noteworthy, this includes blast cabinets, dust collectors, and abrasive media.  Hence, our full catalog of sandblaster parts and accessories is in stock and ready to get to work for you.

Affordable Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets

Cyclone DWS 6035 Dual Workstation Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

Abrasive Sand Blast Flexibility

Cyclone sandblasting cabinets are affordable and extremely flexible.  Whether you are looking for a small bead blaster or industrial sandblasting cabinets, we answer the call.  Additionally, we offer direct pressure and siphon fed media blasting cabinet configurations as well as portable blaster solutions.  Because of the combination of affordability and flexibility, Cyclone abrasive media blast cabinets are found in labs, industrial environments and DIY applications.  Finally, as always, if you don’t see something, please contact us, we can help!

Bead / Media / Sand

Cyclone abrasive sandblasting cabinets are powerful, affordable, and flexible.  First, our cabinets comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.  From small bench top models to large industrial solutions.  Additionally, we can provide custom cabinet solutions too!  As a result, we offer cabinet options that include:  side doors, full flip top openings, turntables, and parts baskets.  Next we offer sandblasting gun configurations that include trigger operated guns and foot pedal operated guns.  Finally, whether you call them bead blasters, media blasting cabinets, or sandblasters we can help.

Affordable Budget Friendly Sandblasting Equipment

What do we mean by “budget friendly” sandblasting cabinets?  It seems like high quality and low cost are often opposite things.  But with Cyclone you really can have a high quality media blasting setup at an affordable price.  Above all, we monitor our materials that make up our media blasting systems and carefully assemble each unit.  Next, we paint and seal each unit to protect the look and prevent leaking.  Finally, we quality check every unit before it leaves the door.

Solid construction matters in a media blasting system.

In contrast to many competitors, we take solid steel legs and weld them right to our sandblasting cabinets.  Because our legs are welded directly to our cabinets the entire media blasting cabinet is a solid unit.  So, why does it really matter?  Consider the combination of the cabinet, abrasive media, and the weight of your work pieces.  And don’t forget about user movement during blasting.  Consequently, with that much weight, things can become unstable.  But not with Cyclone sandblasting cabinets!  Above all, Cyclone cabinets are strong and stable because of the design, construction, and testing.

  • High quality construction – steel cabinets

  • Most units include sandblast dust collectors

  • Customer Service – no phone trees, personal responses to email.

  • Easy to setup, use, and maintain.

Cyclone Model M4848 Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet open

User Comfort

Another factor in our cabinet design is the user.  Most noteworthy are the elements of comfort with our designs.  For example, large glove openings give the user more control when inside the cabinet.  And speaking gloves, they are long enough to reach around inside the cabinet.  As a result, you can move parts or adjust things from inside without having to open the cabinet.

No Leaks

Our abrasive sandblast cabinets are sealed after fabrication.  Thus, dust and broken abrasive media will not leave the cabinet.  Even more, we do not use a complicated or expensive chemical process.  Finally, we use simple methods to seal our cabinets.  As a result, this makes them last longer and keep the costs down.

Scratch & Dent – Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets

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When is “Used” not “Used?

Searching for a great deal on a sandblast cabinet or dust collector?  First, most Internet searches for used sandblast cabinets leads you to eBay or some other equipment scrap yard.  Next, wouldn’t you prefer sand blast equipment that is like new and discounted?  Then search no more!  Our used sandblasting equipment for is really “like new”.  Additionally, they are often prototypes and never used at all!

Like New and Affordable

We often receive freight damaged equipment.  This ranges from industrial abrasive sandblast cabinets to sandblast dust collectors.  Whether a prototype or freight damaged, our staff checks the item before it can be sold.  Most importantly, we fix anything that may be wrong.  As a result, you receive the same high-quality like new sandblasting equipment at a great price.

The Best Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets with Affordable Pricing is not Impossible

Sturdy Sandblast Cabinet Design

Cyclone produces high quality abrasive sandblast cabinets and dust collectors.  First, solid design and American engineering goes into every one of our products.  As a result, our equipment is more powerful and lasts longer than the competition.  Next,  our sandblast cabinets are welded steel and have very sturdy legs.  Above all, sturdy legs means a sturdy cabinet to support your parts, abrasive, and user movements.

Short Lead Times & Quality

We fabricate, manufacture and paint every abrasive sandblast cabinet and dust collector in one facility.  As a result, we control the production process and thus the quality.  At each stage of production we include a quality assurance step.  This lets us catch any errors right away and correct them before it reaches the next step.  As a result, the product leaves our facility proudly wearing the label made in the USA.  Additionally, our refined processes allow quick production.  Because of this, if you need one or one hundred cabinets we can deliver, and fast!

Abrasive Blast Equipment – Easy to Setup and Use

Making quality equipment is of no use unless it is easy to use.  Because of that, Cyclone abrasive bead blasting equipment is simple to setup.  Additionally, it is even simpler to use.  As a result, you spend less time setting up the sandblast cabinet and more time blasting.  Next, every product leaves our facility with easy to follow instructions.  Additionally, many of our products now have YouTube videos.  Finally, if you need help we are a call or email a way.

Bead Blaster?  Media Blasting?  Sandblast Cabinet?

When it comes to the industry, there are many different names.  As a result it can be confusing.  Therefore, we want to make it easy to understand.  To get clarity, please feel free to refer to our popular blog posts (Blaster Chat).

Did You Know?

Did you know that these terms perform the same actions.  As a result, they are often called bead blasters and media blasters.  Additionally, they are known by the more popular term sandblast cabinet.  Furthermore, even though they have different names, they perform the same function.  Consequently, the names come from the type of abrasive media being used.  Still curious?  Check our BLOG (Blaster Chat) to learn more about why they have different names.

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