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How to Remove Rust From Tools

How to Remove Rust from Tools

Whether you have old antique tools or just need to give your regular tools a facelift, consider sandblasting.  So, how to remove rust from tools?  Sandblasting is a very efficient way of removing rust from tools without a lot of effort or expense.  Old tools, over time, will rust from exposure to the air, water, and other elements.  Just because they rust doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.  Even if the tool has wood, it can safely be sandblasted.

Removing Rust From Tools is Easy

As shown below, you can see a before and after sot of an old hammer before and after sandblasting.  As a result of only a few seconds work you can see the tool looks like brand new again.  Also, you will see that the rusty tool suffered no damage.


Sandblasting is an Art & Science

The user must know how to properly use the sandblaster.  Improper use of the blast cabinet or sandblast gun could cause damage to the tool.  Fear not, however, as sandblasting is an easy process to understand and learn.  It’s quite similar to spray painting, except we remove material instead of applying it.  Most importantly, like anything, there is a learning curve that anyone can quickly adapt to.

Sandblast Rust Away

How to remove rust from tools?  It turns out that the actual process is very easy.  Shown here is a wrench being cleaned in our DP-38 blast cabinet.  Once we put the wrench in the blast cabinet, we shut the lid and got right to work.  EASY.  Below is an actual video of us doing the blasting on a different wrench.


Before Blasting





Watch how to clean tools in seconds!

In the short (29 second) video below, watch as we blast away years of rust from this old wrench.  Using glass bead abrasive media (60/100) we bring a shiny finish to an old rusty tool.  You can see in the video the action of the abrasive media as it hits the wrench.  As a result of those impacts, the rust and other debris is removed from the surface of the metal.  Thereafter you can prepare the tool for painting or whatever finish you are after.

At roughly the 2 second mark, you will see me push the foot pedal down.  The foot pedal releases the air pressure and abrasive media to the sandblast gun.  You can see my hand slightly lift up as this happens, showing the power of the blast cabinet.  As the movie progresses, carefully watch the glass bead media impact the wrench and you can see the rust disappear.  Around 20 seconds, I flip the wrench over and complete the other side.  I was filming with one hand and blasting with the other.  Because of this I appear clumsy as I perform the blasting.

How to Remove Rust from Old Tools – With Ease!

You’ve seen us sandblast old metal tools.  But did you know you can also sandblast wood?  If done carefully, you can remove years of old dirt and grime from wooden handled tools too!  First, shown at the top is a before and after of an old hammer.  Additionally, an after image is also to the left.  As a result of the sandblasting action against the wood, you can see how clean and new it looks!

Clean Old Tools – Even wooden handles

I carefully directed the glass bead blast stream at the hammer.  I kept an approximate distance of 6-10″ from the pieces.  As a result of only a few seconds of blasting you can see how the tool has new life (despite missing its claw).

Sandblasting Does Not Have to Be Expensive!

If you are interested in how to remove rust from tools, it does not have to cost a fortune.  There are affordable options available for any budget.  Fist, Cyclone offers a variety of options that are high quality, made in the USA, and fully assembled.  As a result, we provide stand along sandblast kits, benchtop sandblasters, to large blast cabinets.  Finally, we provide a full catalog of sandblasting equipment, dust collectors, and abrasive media.


Sandblast Kit


Benchtop Sandblaster


Industrial Sandblaster

So how do you remove rust from tools?

Whether you choose a sandblaster to remove rust and debris from old tools or find an alternative, we hope you enjoyed the information.  We have a decades of experience in the sandblasting industry and work hard to earn our customer’s trust.  As a result, you can be certain you are getting the best sandblasting equipment available today.  Finally, you’ll get high quality, made in the USA, fully assembled sandblasting equipment that is budget friendly.

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