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Hobby Sandblaster

Cyclone Model 3824 Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet Open

Hobby Sandblaster What is a hobby sandblaster?  A hobby sandblaster is often used by the DIY community or home users for a variety of tasks.  Typically, they require low airflow and thus a smaller air compressor.  Next, their sandblasting chamber is smaller than larger sandblasting cabinets.  Finally, a good hobby sandblaster should not be cheaply … Read more

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How to Remove Rust From Tools


How to Remove Rust from Tools Whether you have old antique tools or just need to give your regular tools a facelift, consider sandblasting.  So, how to remove rust from tools?  Sandblasting is a very efficient way of removing rust from tools without a lot of effort or expense.  Old tools, over time, will rust … Read more

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What is Sandblasting


Sandblasting What is Sandblasting? Sandblasting.  What’s in a name?  Sand blasting.  Sand blaster.  The list is very long when it comes to this subject.  However, no matter what you call it, it is the process you are talking about.  It is easy to think about the process if you have ever used a pencil eraser. … Read more