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What is Sandblasting


What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting.  What’s in a name?  Sand blasting.  Sand blaster.  The list is very long when it comes to this subject.  However, no matter what you call it, it is the process you are talking about.  It is easy to think about the process if you have ever used a pencil eraser.

Sandblasting Erases?

When you erase pencil from paper you are removing the pencil’s material from the paper.  When sand blasting, you perform the same process.  For the fine details check this out, but for now, just remember that the sandblaster removes debris (pencil) from the surface being worked on (paper).


Sandblasting Machine

When you perform the process of sandblasting you will most likely use some form of sandblasting machine.  A dictionary says a machine is an instrument designed to transmit or modify the application of power, force, or motion.  And in fact they have it correct!  A sandblasting machine transmits force to do work.  In the case of sandblasting it’s the air that provides that force.  But we will get to that.


Sandblasting Cabinets

Calling it a machine is fair.  But there are terms like the following that after also used:

  • Sand blast cabinet
  • Sandblast cabinet
  • Bead Blast Cabinet
  • Abrasive Media Blaster
  • Shot Blast Cabinet

These are just a few variations of the names.  However, the truth is that no matter what you call it, you are talking about the same thing.  The different names come from abrasive media being used.  That’s the real difference.  We talk about that in this similar article.

Sandblasting History

The process has been around a long time.  If you think about how easy nature’s use of sand can erode rocks you’re on the right track.  People started using sandblasting for industrial purposes in the 1870s.  The early 1900s led to the enclosed sand blast cabinets we use today.  Sand was originally used until the discover of silicosis.



Silicosis is an extremely dangerous lung condition caused by the silica in the sand used.  Cyclone has never and will never recommend using any kind of sand in any sandblaster.  For more on sandblasting safety please read this article.   Always follow labels, manuals, ask for professional help if you don’t understand the safety requirements.  Your safety is ultimately your own.

Why Cyclone is the Choice for Sandblasting Equipment

There are many sand blasting companies selling cabinets.  What makes our so special?

Cyclone uses high quality components.  Our blast cabinets are designed and manufactured in the USA.  We assemble each cabinet in our facility in Michigan, check it’s quality prior to shipment, and stand behind it with our friendly customer service.  We do not have a complicated phone system.  You call us and you will get a professional.  We are experienced in sandblasting and can help select a solution that fits your needs.


A sand blasting cabinet is just an enclosure.  Spending a fortune on a cabinet is not necessary.  Therefore, Cyclone designs each blast cabinet with the user’s application in mind.  As a result our media blast cabinets are sturdy and can handle big or small parts.  Cyclone sandblast machines are flexible and easy to use.  Cyclone sandblasting cabinets arrive assembled.  Competitive units often require you to assemble legs and other components.  Bolt on legs.  Pop rivets.  These methods are “cheap” but they are not sturdy and potential to leak.  Not Cyclone.  Open the box, connect the air, and blast away.  Sturdy.  Powerful.  No Leaks.

Above all, we do all this and make it here in the USA and we make it affordable.  “Cheap” units imported from other countries have a tendency to be poorly constructed and will leak.  Leaking is a hazard and an inconvenience.  In conclusion, Cyclone makes our sand blasting equipment affordable.

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