DC-4000 Sandblasting Cabinet Dust Collector

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Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions18 × 53 in
Blast Gun CFM


Hose Length

6' Dust Collector Hose – 2 1/4" Hose Ends

Filter Type

Cloth Wrap, Paper Cartridge Filter


16 Gauge Welded Steel

Electrical Requirements

110 US Volts

Item Weight

225 US Pounds

Overall Dimensions

72" (h) x 19" (w) x 19" (d)


DC-4000 Dust Collector

This dust collector has a powerful 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow.  The construction is polyethylene making it extremely durable.  The DC-4000 also comes with a six foot hose to connect directly to the cabinet.  Therefore, physical placement of the unit is more convenient. Additionally, this adds flexibility to  the overall footprint of your work environment.  The unit comes with a cloth wrap for the large cartridge filter and to protect the motor.

Sand Blast Dust Collection Systems

A Cyclone dust extractor improves the visibility inside an abrasive blast cabinet.  Impaired vision during abrasive blasting can lead to accidental damage to part surfaces.  Add a DC-4000 to your system and improve your ability to view the workspace!

Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet Dust Extractor

A dust extractor and a collector are interchangeable terms.  The basic concept is a device that attaches via a hose to a cabinet.  Once switched on, the unit begins drawing air, media, and debris from inside the cabinet.  The filter in the unit then captures the debris and particles within the body.  The user will need to regularly clean the filter to prolong the life of the unit.