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T14 Tumble Blast Cabinet


Tumble Blast Cabinet

Simple to use.  Affordable.  Fully assembled.  Made in the USA.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high quality tumble blast cabinet.  Cyclone delivers quality products built to last without breaking your budget.  Constructed of welded 16 gauge steel, this unit is sturdy and will not leak.

The T14’s large parts basket has spindles that tumbles parts as the motor turns the basket.  This allows the powerful blast system to cast a great pattern across all the parts.

Customers use this for parts that need deburring, prepping the surface gun parts and arrow heads, and many more.  Any small parts that fit in the basket can be cleaned or prepped with easy.  Just toss in the parts and turn the dial.  The basket is easy to remove so that you can load it and unload it outside the cabinet.

Other key features:

  • Powerful Motor
  • Large Parts Basket
  • 0-60 Minute Timer
  • Front Opening Lid
  • Protective Shield on Window
  • Safety Air Shut Off

For more info – click the Description Tab below.  We feature several videos of the T14’s tumbling action.

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Tumble Blast Cabinet Highlights

  • Simple.
  • Fully Assembled.
  • Made in USA.
  • Affordable.

Small Tumble Blaster Features

The T14 tumble blast cabinet is a powerful way to add a semi-automatic cleaning process to any small or large shop.  This small tumble blasting machine offers a large parts basket.  We built the basket with welded ribs to properly mix and tumble parts.

This means that while the parts are rotating they are also tumbling.  This allows the abrasive blast gun to reach all parts while tumbling.  Many competitive units overlook this.

During the tumble blast process, the powerful 14 CFM tungsten carbide sandblast gun directs the blast stream into the parts basket.  Additionally, the sandblast gun swings in/out of the basket to allow amazingly easy access.

Tumbling Blasting System

An important feature of this small tumble blaster is the automatic timer.  Set a time for tumbling and the unit will stop blasting when the timer stops.  This means your parts are turned for you while you perform other activities.  A convenient lid flips up and down as needed.  This means easy access to parts.  A safety valve on the lid comes installed.  Therefore, when you open the lid, the safety valve cuts the air supply protecting users from the blast stream.  Additionally, we include a protective shield on the window glass to prevent frosting.

Parts Basket

This unit’s parts basket is no ordinary “bucket”.  It has special ridges that ensure the parts properly tumble.  This means the parts are all blasted as they pass and tumble around the blast stream. Finally, the basket easily lifts in and out of the cabinet.  As a result, you can pull the parts out with the basket after blasting.

 Sandblast Tumbler Uses

Common uses for the T-14 small tumble blaster include plating preparation, blasting repetitive small parts, removing debris from parts.

Call, email or click the “Get Quote” button today to get a shipping quote on your very own T-14 tumble abrasive sandblasting cabinet.

Blaster in Action

small tumble blaster

WARNING:   This cabinet is constructed from steel.  In accordance with proposition 65 we are complying by indicating that steel has been known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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