Abrasive-Blasting-Cabinet- HD4836

Abrasive Blasting CabinetMade in the USA

If you are looking for an abrasive blasting cabinet cabinet look to the HD4836.  This large sandblasting cabinet is constructed of 16 gauge welded steel.  As a result, the cabinet capacity and strength are amazing.  The system is designed for to blast all day long.  It has the following highlights:

  • 35 CFM Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Dust Collector
  • Pedal Operated
  • Front Load
  • Turntable

The system is very powerful and has a large capacity.  All this at an affordable price and made in the USA.  It will ship on two pallets.  Cabinet weight is 350 pounds and dust collector weight is 225 pounds.


Abrasive Blasting Cabinet – Made in the USA

Looking for an abrasive blasting cabinet look to the HD4836.  Do you want a large blast cabinet that won’t break the bank?  Let’s examine the HD4836.  Because of the design, the cabinet is sturdy and has plenty of space for larger parts.  Additionally, our fully welded steel design is preferred to bolt on components like legs and hoppers.  That means Cyclone abrasive blasting cabinets come fully assembled and will not leak.

Powerful Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Equipped with a powerful 35 CFM sandblast gun, this system will blow you away.  In combination with the blast gun, the unit includes a heavy duty foot pedal.  This means it is easy and comfortably to control the flow of abrasive media.  As a result, this blast cabinet will make quick work of nearly a part.

Front Opening Blast Chamber

This cabinet includes a gas lift assisted front lid.  Therefore, loading parts in and out very easy.  Latches securely latch the lid closed.  No leaks!  As a result of all these features you get the best abrasive blasting cabinet at an affordable price.

Sand Blaster Gloves

Often overlooked in the process are the sandblasting gloves.  Gloves are important because they protect your hands during blasting.  Secondarily, comfort is a factor.  Our large comfortable gloves make handling the blast gun easy.  Finally, our oversized ports make the abrasive blasting cabinet easier for the user to move during the blasting process.

Abrasive Blasting Cabinet – Sand Blasting Dust Collector

The primary purpose of the dust collector is to improve the visibility during blasting.  The DC-4000 unit produces 400+ CFM airflow and comes with a 6′ long hose. This much airflow keeps the cabinet interior visible during intense blasting.

Importance of a Dust Collector

A dust collector is very important in an abrasive blasting cabinet.  Prolonged periods of blasting produces large amounts of dust.  As a result, it is hard to see inside during use.  That leads to accidents when blasting a part.  This is why we include a powerful dust collector with our abrasive blasting cabinet.

Occasionally, cleaning the dust collector is necessary.  Fortunately, the Cyclone dust collector is easy to use and maintain.  First, inside the dust collector is a large canister filter and flat pre-filter.  The pre-filter helps prolong the life of the canister filter by capturing large particulate.  Next, he cartridge filter protects the powerful 1/2 horsepower motor that creates the airflow.  Finally, when the time comes, open the trapdoor on the bottom and gravity does the work.

The included DC4000 dust collector is a stand alone system.  It connects to the blast cabinet via a large 6′ long flexible hose.

Large Turntable Included – 500 Pounds Capacity

The included turntable is an often overlooked and underrated accessory.  It is easy to turn.  As a result, you can rotate a part inside the cabinet while blasting.  Therefore, you spend less time adjusting parts with the door open and more time blasting.

Affordable High Quality and Made in the USA

Sandblasting equipment should be reliable.  After all, you’re spending your hard earned money.  Cyclone sandblast equipment delivers.  As a result of our experience we make sandblasters that are high quality and easy on your budget.

Customers trust us because of our quality and dedication to our customers.  Our customer service provides shipping quotes via the web, email or by phone.  We stand behind our equipment and will be happy to help you.

WARNING:   To comply with California Proposition 65, you should know that our cabinets are constructed from steel.  Steel is known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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