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Sandblasting Machine

Blast Cabinets and Sandblasters

What is a Sandblast Machine?

A sand blasting machine is a tool that combines air and abrasive to clean or prepare a surface. You are likely familiar with sandpaper and wood. Moving the sandpaper across the surface of the wood (or other types) slowly removes the material. Depending on factors like grit and pressure applied, the sandpaper removes and/or prepares the surface for something else.

A Sandblaster is Easy to Use, Powerful, and Saves Time

Much like sandpaper removes material from a surface, a sandblasting machine does the same thing – but more efficiently. A basic blast system frequently includes a blast gun, an air compressor and a dust collection system. The air compressor accelerates the air into a sandblast gun that then draws abrasive into the stream. The blaster combines abrasive and air, and propels the combination at the parts surface. Upon impact, the combo removes a portion of the surface or deforms it in some way. Many factors go into the resulting finish, you can read about that here if you wish. Also, there is a huge difference between a pressure and non-pressure sandblaster.

Popular Sandblasting Machines


Sandblasters are Efficiency Machines

When it comes to blasting parts, handling them one at a time is cumbersome and time consuming. This is especially true when using a handheld sandblaster outside of a cabinet. Aside from the abrasive dispersing everywhere, it’s not always easy to recycle the abrasives. A good sandblasting machine’s construction will not leak and will contain both the abrasives, for recycled blasting, and of course the dust as well. A sandblasting machine recycles media as it uses. As you blast, the system consumes media. Falling to the bottom of the cabinet, the abrasive cycle repeats. Media type, pressure, surface material, are just a few factors in determining the lifespan of an abrasive.

Sandblasting at a Glance

Sandblast Gun
Sandblasting Abrasive

Sandblast Machine Uses

Consider milled parts that may require additional deburring.  What about parts that you need to prep for plating or painting?  From nuts, bolts, and metal plates to things like arrowheads and gun parts an automated approach is within reach.  Larger parts like car bumpers, wheels and engine components are also great candidates for blasting. As a result of all these concepts, a sand blast cabinet is an all around amazing tool.

Rusty Parts
Glass Carving and Etching
Old Tools

Sandblaster Made in the USA

We know that cost is important in a purchasing decision. This is why we make every effort to deliver quality equipment at affordable prices, all while producing them in Dowagiac, MI – USA. As a small business we work hard to earn your business. Let us prove it to you!