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Sand Blast Dust Collector Systems

Dust Collector Engineering

Cyclone dust collector systems are specifically designed to keep the work area inside an abrasive sandblast clear.  As a result, the work pieces are visible.  Therefore, our designs include the technologies required to do so.  This is the reason for our solid assemblies to our high quality and very powerful motors, our dust collection equipment is ready to handle your toughest jobs.

Dust Collector

cyclone-dc1500 abrasive sandblast dust collector split

90 CFM

Comes installed on most of our abrasive blast equipment.

Our Standard Unit

Affordable power and efficiency.  Easy to setup, install, and maintain.

Dust Collector


400 CFM

Midrange size extractor offers incredible power and efficiency.

Steel Construction

Our midrange unit, produces incredible airflow and improves visibility inside a blasting cabinet.

Dust Collectors – Quick Comparison

DC-1500 Highlights

  • Sturdy Polyethylene Construction

  • 6′ Hose, flexible, easy connections

  • Can be shipped by UPS

  • Filter bag and pre-filter included

Power in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

DC-4000 Highlights

  • Welded Steel Construction

  • 6′ Hose, flexible, easy connections

  • Easy to setup, use, and maintain

  • Cartridge filter and pre-filter included

Power in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

The Importance of a Dust Collector

Impaired vision during abrasive media or bead blasting may lead to accidental damage to part surfaces.  Most notably, if you cannot see what you are doing in the cabinet, the blast stream could improperly impact the parts.  Thus, avoid this situation by adding a Cyclone dust extractor to your system.  As a result, improving your visibility making it is easier to accomplish your task.  Hence, we offer several cabinet dust extractor options.

Dust Extractor or Dust Collector?

More terminology that at first sounds confusing.  Essentially, an extractor and collector perform the same duties.  Certainly in the context of abrasive blast cabinets we are both extracting and collecting dust form the cabinet.  As the unit extracts air from the abrasive blasting cabinet it naturally collects the dust within the body of the unit.  Consequently, the specially designed filter cloths and filter cartridges help ensure the dust does not reach the motor.

Protecting your investment

We include the necessary filters on your equipment to protect the dust collector motor from debris and dust that occurs during operation.  So, with minor cleaning and filter maintenance, your Cyclone dust collector will outlast the competition.

Dust Collector Design

A dust collector that attaches to a sandblasting cabinet is, as stated, used to improve visibility inside the cabinet.  This process is not magical.  However, it does require proper design for effective visibility.  Cyclone dust collectors are not directly attached to the cabinets.  This is done for a few important reasons.

First, it allows you to setup your workspace the way you want.  An abrasive blast cabinet’s physical footprint can be significant.  Especially if the cabinet has the dust collector attached.  With our dust extractors you decide where the unit goes.  A long dust collector hose permits this to happen.  As a result, you don’t have to worry about  loss of extracting power.

Another important reason for a disconnected dust collector is maintenance.  As with a car, regular maintenance keeps things running longer.  Thus, simple maintenance on a dust collector is needed and easier when the unit is separate from the abrasive blasting cabinet.

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