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Abrasive Blasting

What is Abrasive Blasting? Abrasive blasting is the process of directing abrasive media toward a surface in order to modify that surface.  However, it’s easier and less technical sounding if you break it down.  Abrasive blasters come in all shapes and sizes and abrasive blasting equipment is easy to use and has many applications. Key … Read more

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Tabletop Sandblaster


Tabletop Sandblaster | Mini Sandblaster Cabinet What is a tabletop sandblaster? E100 – Features a 14 CFM Trigger Sandblast Gun It is exactly what you think.  It’s a sandblast cabinet that sits on a workbench, or a table top.  A sandblast machine comes in many sizes from large rooms to mini cabinets.  In most cases … Read more

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Sandblaster Cabinet for Sale

sandblaster for sale best sandblasting cabinet for the mone

The Best Sandblaster Cabinet for the Money Your search for a sandblaster cabinet for sale may overwhelm you. Deals, free shipping, parts pieces, and YOUR MONEY. Cyclone blast cabinets are affordable, made in the USA, and provide high quality construction at budget friendly pricing. And, you deal directly with the people who design, build and … Read more

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Sandblaster Gun | What is it? How it is used?


A sandblaster gun is a powerful tool and is used to direct abrasive media at a surface.  Additionally, a sandblaster gun is also known as a blast cabinet gun and also a sandblasting gun.  It’s all the same thing.  The gun itself comes in a variety of shapes and configurations.  Some are controlled at the gun … Read more

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Sandblasting Equipment USA


Sandblasting Equipment Sandblasting equipment is pretty straightforward.  Sometimes the names can be confusing though.  If you call it by another name like media blaster equipment or bead blaster equipment, don’t worry.  You are in the right place.  Read this article for why these names exist.  For this post, we will simply discuss the sandblasting equipment … Read more

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Large sandblast cabinets, more options, still affordable!


We take a moment to reflect on some of our new and larger sandblast cabinets.  While we still maintain a full line of small and medium sized cabinets, we now offer larger cabinets.  We also offer many more options on existing cabinets too.  Larger cabinet interiors offer greater flexibility for part size as well as … Read more

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January 2019 | Featured Sandblasting Cabinets

Affordable and High Quality Media Blasters January Specials and Featured Sandblasting Cabinets Assembly NOT Required Affordable and Budget Friendly Cyclone sandblast cabinets are high quality and made in the USA, and we make them affordable.  But what exactly is high quality?  We like to think that high quality means not only the components in a … Read more

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What is the Best Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet?


Meet the E-100 Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet Cyclone Answers the Best Sandblast Cabinet Question Whether you are searching for a home sandblast unit, are an avid DIY user, or are running a professional shop or medical lab you may come across many options for a small sandblasting cabinet.  A web search for benchtop sandblaster or small … Read more

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What is media blasting?

Cyclone Model 3624 Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet - Front Closed

What is media blasting? Model DP-38 Media Blast Cabinet Small Media Blaster – Model E100 Series Benchtop A media blaster combines compressed air, abrasive media and specialized equipment to quickly prepare a surface for refinishing or other purposes.  Media blasting is a very efficient way of removing debris from the surface of parts or preparing … Read more

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What is a Bead Blaster


Model 4040 Bead Blaster What is bead blasting? A bead blaster propels bead shaped abrasive media from an air powered tool toward a surface.  Typically the surface has rust, paint, or other undesirable debris on it.  The bead blaster then removes the material leaving a cleaner surface.  This prepared surface can then be painted or … Read more