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What is the Best Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet?

Meet the E-100 Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet


Cyclone Answers the Best Sandblast Cabinet Question

Whether you are searching for a home sandblast unit, are an avid DIY user, or are running a professional shop or medical lab you may come across many options for a small sandblasting cabinet.  A web search for benchtop sandblaster or small sand blasting cabinet will give many options.  How can Cyclone make the claim we have the best benchtop blast cabinet?  Let’s take a closer look.

Bench Top Sand Blasting Cabinet Construction

When looking at any media blast cabinet, start with the construction material.  There are plastic cabinets, steel cabinets, and some hybrid cabinets made of steel with plastic components.  Welded steel construction gives a large blast cabinet the ability to hold heavy parts.  That is the primary reason most sandblast cabinets are constructed from steel.  For many users this is the only way to go.  Trying to sandblast an engine block, for example, requires a sturdy platform.  Users in search of a small blast cabinet are not going to need such strength.

Another popular material used to construct a benchtop bead blaster is polyethylene.  Perhaps the most popular plastic in the world because it is inexpensive and very durable.  Those pesky plastic grocery bags are often made from polyethylene!  We chose this material because it is very durable and allows us to create a leak proof table top blast cabinet.  We believe it to be the best benchtop blast cabinet for sale today.

The Best Benchtop Blast Cabinet

Most of the time, we don’t use a screwdriver or wrench and throw it away when we’re done.  Some of us may lose tools from time to time though!  The same approach should apply to any blasting cabinet.  Purchasing a bench top sandblaster is really an investment in your time.  We pack the E100 with quality sandblasting components.  As a result you can focus on using the bench top sandblaster instead of trying to fix it or stop the leaks.

Affordable.  Not a “Cheap” Blast Cabinet

Beware cabinets that make the offer “cheap blast cabinet”.  Cheap and affordable are very different.  As a result of getting a cheap blast cabinet you will be disappointed when the unit leaks.  Often, cheap blast cabinets come in pieces and you have to assemble them.  The E100 series come fully assembled and the units are ready to go upon delivery.  The construction was designed to prevent leaks.  Leaks can cause media to find its way to the floor and cause a slipping hazard.  More importantly, airborne media can be dangerous to your health.  We make the E100 affordable by using quality sourced components and careful construction processes.  We stand behind our equipment and our amazing customer service will always be there for you.

A quick note about safety!  When you sandblast make sure you are aware of all the risks.  Always obey the warnings, read the manuals, and only blast if you really understand what you are doing.  Abrasive blasting cabinets have the potential to injure or kill users if used improperly.

Sandblast Gloves


When it comes to any sandblast cabinet, the sandblast gloves are important considerations too!  Most importantly, they offer your hands protection while blasting.  As you handle the blast nozzle and parts, it is likely the abrasive stream will come into contact with the user’s hands. Another reason to think about gloves is the comfort they offer.  Gloves can be lined or unlined and should be long enough to allow the user to reach around inside the blasting cabinet during use.  For our small blast cabinet, the E100, we use high quality, comfortable unlined rubber gloves.  As a result you remain comfortable while using the media blaster.

Uses for Benchtop Sandblast Cabinets

When we talk about a benchtop sandblast cabinet, you are specifically talking about a table top blast cabinet.  There are large industrial blasting cabinets, some large enough to house motorcycle chassis!  If you think about it, a large and benchtop unit have a lot in common.  Both have a sandblast gun, a view window and gloves.  They can use the same abrasive media and perform the same functions.  The obvious characteristic that is different is the size of the blasting chamber.

Did you know?

It’s not just the cabinet size that is important?  It’s the footprint of the sandblast cabinet too!  Think about it.  If you are looking at a new home appliance, say a refrigerator, you’re going to have to make sure the new fridge fits.  Also, you will think about how much that new refrigerator can hold inside.  Unlike a refrigerator, a sandblast cabinet won’t keep your food cold!  But, you do need to think about the amount of space the cabinet needs as well what you will put inside the cabinet.

Floor Space

If you are looking for a large sandblast cabinet, we have those too.  Read about them here.  For now, we are focused on a benchtop sandblast cabinet.  The very word benchtop makes you think about something that sits on top of a tool bench.  In fact, that’s exactly right!  The footprint of the unit is important because you need a place to put the cabinet.  And, not just any place either.


You need to think about where your air compressor will be and how high the bench is.  For the compressor, you’ll need to make sure your air supply hose can reach the cabinet.  For benchtop height, make sure you consider whether you are standing or sitting when using the cabinet.  Because you will be reaching into the blasting cabinet and looking down into the unit you must consider your comfort too.

Cabinet Interior

What you want to put into a small blast cabinet is a critical decision point when shopping for a benchtop blast cabinet.  Think about it.  If you want to blast a car chassis, a benchtop unit isn’t likely going to work unless you’re blasting a model car!  But, a benchtop bead blaster is perfect for smaller parts.  The E100 interior space, or working dimensions, are 22.5″W x 18″D x 14″H.

The Best Benchtop Blast Cabinet

Anyone can make that claim.  We believe we have it right.  The E100 was designed and produced in the USA.  Members of our local community assemble the table top blast cabinet and ensure it arrives ready to blast.  Each unit is given a quality assurance review prior to shipment.  As a result when the unit arrives it will not let you down.  Attach the air, add media, and off you go.

Designed to be the best and budget friendly.

Abrasive Media

Abrasive Media Options

  • Glass Beads
  • Garnet
  • White Aluminum Oxide
  • Brown Aluminum Oxide
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Walnut Shells
  • Black Beauty
  • Plastic Media

The type of media you choose depends on too many factors to list.  Some popular media types are presented here.  For an in-depth discussion about abrasive media you can read our article on it here.  If you have questions, feel free to call us or email, we can help!

The E100 can handle almost all the popular abrasive media types.  We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances do we (nor have we ever) recommended the use of sand.  Despite the popular name “sandblaster”,  silicosis is a real and deadly health hazard.  It is not worth the cheap cost of sand when there are many safer alternatives.  No abrasive is totally safe, so always read the MSDS for your media type, obey all manuals, stickers and manufacturer’s suggestions.  Your safety is ultimately your own responsibility and you should take it very seriously.

Best Benchtop Blast Cabinet – MADE IN THE USA

cyclone American made usa blast cabinet

As stated, the E100 is made in the USA.  Cyclone manufactures all its equipment in Dowagiac, Michigan.  We take great pride employing members of our local community in order to produce high quality equipment – proudly bearing the Made in USA tag.  Competitor’s models can be imported from outside the US, are almost the same price, and still require you to assemble them when they arrive.  Choose the E100 as your answer to the search for the best benchtop sandblast cabinet.

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