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What is a bead blaster? A bead blaster propels bead shaped abrasive media from an air powered bead blaster gun.  An in depth review of “what is sandblasting” may be in order if this is your first experience with any kind of blasting.  That post discusses the overall “blasting” process.   For now, we will focus on bead blasting.  We hope that if you are searching for a bead blaster for sale, or just are curious that this information helps you.

Any search on the Internet for “bead blaster” or “sand blaster” is going to give you a lot of information.  When we think about “what is a bead blaster” the first thing we focus on is the word “bead”.  Bead blasting is almost the same thing as sandblasting.  The difference is the abrasive media used during the process.  It is the “same” because any type of blasting requires a few key components like a cabinet, gun, air compressor and abrasive media.  Because that last term is important we will spend a minute talking about it.