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January 2019 | Featured Sandblasting Cabinets

Affordable and High Quality Media Blasters January Specials and Featured Sandblasting Cabinets Assembly NOT Required Affordable and Budget Friendly Cyclone sandblast cabinets are high quality and made in the USA, and we make them affordable.  But what exactly is high quality?  We like to think that high quality means not only the components in a … Read more

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What is media blasting?

Cyclone Model 3624 Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet - Front Closed

What is media blasting? Model DP-38 Media Blast Cabinet Small Media Blaster – Model E100 Series Benchtop A media blaster combines compressed air, abrasive media and specialized equipment to quickly prepare a surface for refinishing or other purposes.  Media blasting is a very efficient way of removing debris from the surface of parts or preparing … Read more

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What is Sandblasting?

large bead blasting cabinet

What is Sandblasting? Sandblasting uses air to force an abrasive toward the surface of a work item.  This removes surface debris, smooths, engraves, and so much more.  Sandblasting is a process known by many names like abrasive media blasting or bead blasting.  Before we dig in, let’s set the scene and talk about sandpaper.  Bear … Read more