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What is media blasting?

A media blaster propels abrasive media from an air powered media blast gun. If you would like an in depth review on how the blasting process works, read this post “what is sandblasting“. That post discusses how the “blasting” process actually works. For now, we will focus on the term media blasting. As a result, we hope that if you are searching for a media blaster for sale, or just are curious, that this information helps you.

A search on the Internet for “media blaster” or “sandblast cabinet” gives you a lot of information. First, when we think about “what is a media blaster” we focus on is the word “media”. Most noteworthy, media blasting is basically the same thing as sandblasting. Above all, the name simply means what is being sent out the blast gun. Therefore, bead blasting is commonly used when blasting with glass bead media. Shot blasting is another example when using steel shot media. Finally, the generic term “media blasting” can refer to any type of abrasive media.