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Media Blast Equipment

Media blast and media blast equipment are common terms in the general industry known as sandblasting. The media term refers to the actual material used when performing the blasting action. It’s that simple, or is it? Of course, let’s dive into an introduction.

If you are here, it is likely you are searching for a media blast cabinet. Or, are you looking for a sand blast cabinet, or a bead blaster? Well, we can help because these terms all represent, basically, the same thing. Notice that the term that changes is bead, media, sand, etc. This is because these terms refer to the actual abrasives used inside the blast cabinet. Each abrasive type has specific characteristics such as composition, grit size, and durability. Have no fear it’s simpler than it sounds.

Media Blast Cabinet

As stated, the abrasive used inside a blast cabinet is unique and creates so many names for mostly the same activity. Our goal is to clear this up and provide the best data to help you make an informed decision. First, our goal is to earn you business – to be fully transparent. Next, we will elaborate about what makes a good media blast cabinet and why a Cyclone is the best choice. Finally, we lay out the basics of the cabinets we sell.

silicon carbide abrasive

Media Blaster Construction

If you’re shopping around, we recommend looking at the equipment’s manual. For cheaper cabinets you will usually find an assembly section. Attach legs, tops, bottoms, sockets, screws, and more. In most circumstances you won’t mind doing a little work, but for many cheap cabinets there is more to the story. First, if there are holes in a cabinet that you bolt into, you should think about the problem the opening poses.

Robot Welding In Action – We Hand Weld Too

When you use a blast cabinet, the system lets air and media into a blast chamber. It is similar to blowing up a balloon where you put pressure into the chamber and it doesn’t get out. A blast cabinet does let some air out through specialized vents and dust collectors. However, if you have a cabinet that requires assembly, you also have holes for air and media to escape. This poses a health and safety risk if media is uncontrollably escaping.

Fully Assembled Media Blast Cabinet

When it comes to our blast cabinets, they come fully assembled. We weld the cabinets, seal them, paint them, assemble them and quality check them in Dowagiac (Doh-Wah-Jack) , MI – USA. The concept of fully assembled is actually very important. Welded construction means you get a sturdy and strong platform to hold your parts. When you load a part onto a cheap cabinet it might wobble and collapse.

Cabinet Openings Matter

We believe in user friendliness. This is why we offer full top opening cabinets. Having a media blast cabinet with a lid that opens fully from the front makes loading parts in and out much easier. The same is also true of side doors. Large side doors with strong steel supports make a solid door that closes tight. Cheaper cabinets don’t reinforce doors, so they flex when closed and therefore will leak.