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Large Sandblast Cabinets, more options and still affordable!

This February we take a moment to reflect on some of our new and larger sandblast cabinets.  While we still maintain a full line of small and medium sized cabinets, we now offer larger cabinets.  We also offer many more options on existing cabinets too.  Larger cabinet interiors offer greater flexibility for part size as well as movement within the cabinet.

High Quality | Welded Steel | Made in USA | Affordable

Cyclone manufacturing produces high quality abrasive sandblasting equipment and supplies.  Proudly made in Michigan by members of our local community.  We manufacture and sell high quality equipment and make it affordable.  Our list prices are listed throughout the site.

Because large cabinets ship by truck we need to get your shipping address to provide the best shipping quotes.  Smaller parts and small abrasive orders can be shipped by UPS.  From sandblaster parts to abrasive blast media we are your one stop shop for any blasting needs.  If you don’t see something give us a call or email.

Model M4848-TT Large Sandblasting Cabinet

The M4848-TT is a tremendous cabinet!  The interior of the cabinet interior offers 48″ wide x 36″ deep x 23″ high dimensions.  Combined with two large side doors this cabinet can handle almost any sized work.

In addition, we include a 700 pound capacity turntable that is easy to turn without opening the cabinet.  It doesn’t stop there!  We also include a 400 CFM dust collector too!  All this and we keep it affordable too.  Click here for product specifications.


$3,790.00 + Shipping

  • Two Large Side Doors

  • Heavy Duty Turntable

  • Single 25 CFM Sandblast Gun

  • Welded 16 Gauge Construction

  • 400 CFM Dust Collector

DW-7335 Double Wide Abrasive Blast Cabinet


$2,295.00 + Shipping

  • Two Large Side Doors

  • Dual View Windows

  • Two 25 CFM Sandblast Guns

  • Welded 16 Gauge Construction

The double wide!  It’s like having two abrasive blast cabinets in one.  Interior cabinet space is 73″ wide x 35″ deep x 31″ high.  Amazing interior space and visibility.  This cabinet comes with two sandblasting guns and two pedals.  The two large side doors makes getting workpieces in and out very easy.

Two sets of comfortable rubber gloves make using the system comfortable for the user.  This unit does not come standard with a dust collector but we recommend either our 90 CFM or 400 CFM units.  You can easily add them on with your cabinet order.  Oh, and did we mention these are affordable too?  Get the cabinet details here.

HD-4836 Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Are you ready for a large cabinet with a dust collector and media separator?  Wait, and it is affordable too?  That’s right.  Meet the HD-4836 abrasive sandblasting cabinet.  A whopping 48″ wide x 36″ deep x 36″ high, this cabinet has it all.

A front opening door easily get parts in and out with little effort from the user.  A 400 CFM dust collector and media separator work together to improve visibility and prolong abrasive life.  High quality, made in the USA, and affordable.  Get the cabinet details here.

large abrasive blasting cabinet

$3,875.00 + Shipping

  • 400 CFM Dust Collector

  • Media Separator