Tabletop Sandblaster | Mini Sandblaster Cabinet

E100 – Features a 14 CFM Trigger Sandblast Gun

What is a tabletop sandblaster anyway?

It is exactly what you think.  It’s a sandblast cabinet that sits on a workbench, or a table top.  A sandblast machine comes in many sizes from large rooms to mini cabinets.  In most cases you will get the same blast systems in the large cabinets that you will in the smaller units.  Cabinet size contributes a large portion of the cost in producing a cabinet, so it makes sense bigger blast cabinets cost more.  Hence, if you only need a small sandblast cabinet we present a few flexible and affordable  options.

The Tabletop Sandblaster Cabinet


Blast Cabinet Construction

Our tabletop offerings are manufactured from rotationally molded polyethylene.  This production method makes the cabinets seamless.  Therefore, the cabinet itself will not leak.  Further, the construction makes the unit very tough and long lasting.  You’ll have this tool for a very long time.

Sandblast Gun Options

The sandblast gun is the workhorse of the sandblast cabinet.  The user holds the gun to direct the stream created by the device.  Which type of gun you need is really dependent on your intended use for the blast cabinet.  We cover the basics of sandblaster guns in this article.  For our latest units, however, we reintroduce our pencil and wand style sandblaster guns.  We will cover those here.

Tabletop Sandblaster Models

We took our popular E100 small/benchtop sandblast cabinet and added two variations, the E100P and E100LTC.  The P is for pencil and the LTC is a wand based blaster with a tungsten carbide nozzle (TC).  Each has a particular purpose.

  • Trigger Operated
  • Gun Style Blaster
  • Requires 14 CFM @ 70-90 PSI
  • Foot Pedal Operated
  • Pencil Style Blaster
  • Requires 1.5 CFM @ 80-90 PSI
  • Foot Pedal Operated
  • Wand Style Blaster
  • Requires 3.6 CFM at 50 PSI

Wand Photo Coming!  Similar to Pencil Style, just larger nozzle.

Tabletop & Benchtop Sandblaster Uses

Etching Glass & Surface Prep

Using our E100P, we etched a glass in seconds!  Etching glass with a sandblaster can be very difficult.  It does, however, require a powerful sandblaster capable of delivering the right media in the right manner.  That’s what the E100P offers.  A powerfully precise blast stream.  We also demonstrate in our YouTube channel the etching and prepping action.  Our blast cabinets easily remove surface rust and other debris.


We etched glass in seconds with the E100P.  You can watch the actual process in our YouTube video.

Made in USA & Fully Assembled

We manufacture and assemble our equipment in the USA.  Members of our local community take pride in engineering and delivering you the best sandblasting equipment available today.  Our customer service is always ready to help you.  We do not have a complex phone system and we respond personally to emails and phone calls.  No robots here, except in the shop!

sandblaster made in usa cyclone

Let us help!

If you have questions or are interested in one of our tabletop sandblaster cabinets we are here to help.  By phone, email or via this contact form.