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Large Sandblasting Cabinet

What is a large sandblasting cabinet?

Defining what a large sandblasting cabinet seems pretty easy.  For the most part, it’s a big metal box that houses a sandblaster system.  It turns out that’s exactly what it is.  When you are going to buy a large sandblaster though, you need more details.  Why?  Primarily because it can be a significant financial expense.  We wrote this article to help you through considerations when looking to buy a large sandblasting cabinet.

Wait.  Doesn’t Cyclone Sell Large Sandblasters?

Yes.  You got us.  We definitely have large blast cabinets for sale.  And, yes, we prefer that you buy our large sandblasting equipment.  But, the information here applies to almost any sandblasting cabinet.  This article will present information that you can use for any big blast cabinet.  We work very hard to engineer our cabinets to make them efficient and powerful  Additionally our team works hard to make them easy to use.  And, perhaps most importantly, we really do make them affordable.  There is no sacrifice in our construction or performance but we still make it budget friendly.


Sandblaster Cabinet Construction

Welds Not Bolts

In search of a large sandblast cabinet for sale?  Then you should consider the construction.  For our sandblast cabinet options we chose 16 gauge steel.  It’s strong, easy to work with, and is sturdy.  First, we cut, press, and form our steel cabinets under our own roof.  This gives us control over quality.  Next, we have amazing welders who manually weld and also manage the robot welders.  The combination of people and robot is efficient without sacrificing quality.

Leg Construction

Often overlooked is the construction of sandblaster legs.  A large sandblasting cabinet will be difficult to use without good legs.  If you put a big heavy part in a cabinet with weak legs, it will wobble and be difficult to use.  Our legs are 1/8″ angle iron and are extremely rigid.  This gives our sandblasters stability like no other.


Sandblaster Tops & Doors

When considering a big blast cabinet, you need to think about what you are going to sandblast.  It seems like an obvious statement, but you have to consider how you are going to get your parts inside the cabinet.  Consider the situation where you blast car parts.  Getting a passenger side door into a flip top lid may not work.  You have to lift the part up and over the cabinet.  For this situation, a full top opening system and big side doors would make this easier.

Top Opening Options

A large sandblasting cabinet from Cyclone will give you flexibility.  Our cabinets come in a variety of openings.  Full top, flip top, and front opening.  We also have side doors on almost every one of our cabinets.  As a result, our cabinets can accommodate almost any parts you wish to sandblast.  Our tops and side doors are constructed from the same steel as the cabinet.  Further, we weld pieces together.  Again, making for a very sturdy and capable cabinet.

Also, we recently added an automated opening system to our lineup.  With the push of a foot pedal, the entire lid opens nearly 90 degrees.  This allows the user to load the cabinet with a forklift or chain lift.

Make sure the parts fit!

Regardless of any cabinet characteristic, if your part isn’t inside, you can’t blast it.  Provided with our cabinets are interior dimensions and door dimensions.  These “working dimensions” are what you can use to see if your part or parts will fit.  When in doubt, call us or email us and we can help.


HD-4836 Shown Open – front opening & turntable


FT-6035 shown with door open – front opening and large side door.


M4848-TT Shown Open – this unit features two large side doors.

Large Sandblasting Cabinet Systems

When considering a sandblasting system, you must consider what type of sandblaster system you need.  Most often this is referred to as a sandblaster gun.  It is not a firearm, rather, it controls the abrasive media stream.  This component is what does the actual work in a sandblaster.  If you want to know how the system actually works, this article is for you.  Here we simply discuss the options you might consider when buying a large sandblasting cabinet.

Blasting Systems

Most blasting cabinets come with a trigger operated blast system or a foot pedal operated system.  Both have pros and cons.  We won’t discuss those here.  Instead we’ll just refer to them.  In brief, a trigger operated blast system activates the blast stream via the user’s hands.  In contrast, a foot pedal operated system is actuated by the user’s foot.

Number of Blast Systems

Another consideration in a large blast cabinet is the number of sandblast systems.  Some abrasive blast machines include a single system whereas others have two.  It depends on what you intend to blast, and how you intend to do it.  Blast cabinets that include two systems are useful when two people may be working at the same time.  Further, having a second blast system in a cabinet allows you to blast one side of a part and when done you simply move over to the second set of ports and continue blasting.  As a result, you don’t have to move the part around inside the cabinet – this saves you time.


Dual Blasting System | Foot Pedal Operated


Large Sandblaster | Single Blast System | Foot Pedal Operated

Buy a Budget Friendly Large Sandblasting Cabinet

There are many manufacturers making sandblasting equipment.  We are one of many, what makes us the best?  Why choose Cyclone?  First, we make quality equipment that works as hard as you do.  For 40+ years we constantly improved our offerings, responding to customer needs.  Large cabinets with more flexible openings to accommodate a wider variety of parts.  Additionally, we strive to keep things affordable.  We say budget friendly for a reason.  Our equipment is simple to buy, simple to operate, and simple to maintain.  Complex systems will break down and your time will be spent troubleshooting instead of blasting.  Buy an affordable sandblaster from Cyclone that will work as hard as you.

Let us Help.

If you can’t find what you need, let us help you.  Our customer service is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have.