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Full Line of Blast Cabinets

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We carry a full line of blast cabinets.  Prices shown are without shipping. Click a cabinet to learn more.

Looking for pressure or tumble blasters instead?

We also carry a full line of larger sandblasters and bead blaster systems.  Our sandblast cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Fully welded steel, sealed, and powder coated to last.

Our complete line of sandblasting equipment includes blast cabinets, sandblast dust collectors and abrasive media.  Additionally, we provide sandblaster parts.  Whether in the market for a large sand blast cabinet or benchtop blast cabinet we can help.  A Cyclone sandblaster is built to last.  Our blast cabinet lineup includes a flexible options for tops, doors, gun configurations and much more.

Blast Cabinets – Made in the USA

When choosing a blast cabinet, we want to earn your business. Our lineup includes all welded steel cabinets and they arrive fully assembled. That is critical because many competitive units require you bolt legs to blast chambers and other critical elements. While cheaper, these bolts (and thus holes) create openings for media to escape. When you start blasting, you pressurize the chamber. If not properly assembled and sealed, pressure will force air and abrasive media out of the cabinet. Even the slightest opening creates the opportunity for a mess on your floor and a potential safety hazard.

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