Full Line of Blast Cabinets

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We carry a full line of blast cabinets.  Prices shown are without shipping.  Click the “More” to visit that blast cabinet’s exact specifications.

PhotoDetailsPrice without ShippingOpeningsBlaster ControlHighlightsCFM
More$1,990Full Top Opening & Side DoorTwo Foot PedalsDual workstation! Two blast guns, two foot pedals, two workstations!25
More$1,846Full Top Opening & Side DoorFoot PedalOur most popular size. Convenient access and plenty of room for most users.25
More$3875Front OpeningFoot PedalHuge workspace plus built in dust collector & media separator!25
More$3,790Dual Side DoorsFoot PedalLarge capacity, includes easy to rotate 700 pound capacity turntable.35
More$995Top Opening & Side DoorTriggerConvenient top opening lid makes part placement a snap.14
More$1,139Full Top Opening & Side DoorFoot PedalPerfect for small or medium sized parts.14
More$1,152Full Top & Side DoorTriggerLarge full opening top & side door are perfect for medium to large parts.14
More$1,748Full Top & Side DoorFoot PedalLarge capacity unit with full opening top & huge side door.14
More$1,333Full Top & Side DoorFoot PedalMedium to large capacity, slightly wider than others. Full Top & Side door - easy to load and unload.14
More$1,960Dual Side DoorsFoot PedalPerfect for taller parts. Huge side doors give access to a huge interior.14
More$2,295Dual Side DoorsFoot PedalDual workstations, side by side. Easy to work on larger pieces w/o shifting parts.25
More$1200Full Top & Side DoorFood PedalLarge cabinet, powerful blast system - NO DUST COLLECTOR25

Looking for bencthop, pressure or tumble blasters instead?

We also carry a full line of larger sandblasters and blast cabinets.  Our sand blast cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

blast cabinet e100 benchtop sandblaster

Benchtop Sandblasters

    Need help?  Can’t find something?  Let us help.

    Our complete line of sandblasting equipment includes blast cabinets, sandblast dust collectors and abrasive media.  Additionally, we provide sandblaster parts.  Whether in the market for a large sand blast cabinet or benchtop blast cabinet we can help.  A Cyclone sandblaster is built to last.  Our blast cabinet lineup includes a flexible options for tops, doors, gun configurations and much more.