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Sandblasting Machine

Cyclone T14 tumble blast cabinet - front light on

Blast Cabinets and Sandblasters What is a Sandblast Machine? A sand blasting machine is a tool that combines air and abrasive to clean or prepare a surface. You are likely familiar with sandpaper and wood. Moving the sandpaper across the surface of the wood (or other types) slowly removes the material. Depending on factors like … Read more

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Rust Repair

Rust Repair – Sandblasting Makes it Easy Rust Repair – How to Remove Rust Let’s face it, rust is everywhere.  It’s a fact of life for iron based items.  Without an in depth science lesson, rust occurs on iron and certain steel in the presence of water and oxygen.  It’s not just a nuisance, it … Read more

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Sandblasting Glass

Sandblasting Glass A sandblaster for glass etching is a great tool to add character to glassware, windows, and anything glass in fact.  Later we will focus on the actual tools.  For now, the actual process, if not done right, can lead to frustrating results.  In this article we briefly discuss the concepts associated with glass … Read more

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Large Sandblasting Cabinet


What is a large sandblasting cabinet? Defining what a large sandblasting cabinet seems pretty easy.  For the most part, it’s a big metal box that houses a sandblaster system.  It turns out that’s exactly what it is.  When you are going to buy a large sandblaster though, you need more details.  Why?  Primarily because it … Read more