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When often say, “full line” of sand blasting equipment, and we mean it.  Because of this, we offer all sizes of sand blaster cabinets, sandblaster parts, air components, and accessories.  Additionally we offer a wide range of abrasive blasting media.  A full line means you can work with a single vendor on everything you need when it comes to abrasive blasting.  Blast cabinets, abrasive media, dust collectors, and much more.  Finally, if you don’t see it our friendly customer service is always ready to help.

August Specials

E-100 Abrasive Sandblast Cabinet Specifications


Only $239 Plus shipping!

Now ships fully assembled.

Sandblasting Cabinet


This powerful sandblasting cabinet has a small footprint.  Ideal for DIY users, the home garage, and even commercial applications.  Fits on a table top, bench top, almost anywhere.  Compare the the competition, you will find our E-100 doesn’t leak, comes fully assembled, and is built to last.

  • Working Dimensions:  22.5″W x 18″D x 14″H
  • Window Opening:  20″ x 16″ Clear Acrylic
  • Air Requirements:  Trigger Operated, 14 CFM @ 80-100 PSI
  • Construction:  Thick polyethylene with expanded steel grate
  • Shipping:  30 pounds, can be shipped by UPS
  • 14 CFM trigger operated blast gun
  • Great interior lighting
  • Made in USA

Sand Blaster Gun In Action!

This is our powerful DP38 direct pressure blast cabinet.  As you can see, we quickly turned an old wrench new again.  Using glass beads we removed years of rust and old debris from the wrench.  Cyclone produces the best abrasive blasting cabinets and we make them affordable.

Most of our blasting cabinets have their own videos.  We also have a Youtube channel.

Custom Sandblasting Cabinet

We  custom design sandblast cabinets and dust collection systems.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.  Click HERE for some examples of our custom work.

A Custom Sandblasting Cabinet?

Looking for a wider, taller, higher direct pressure cabinets?  If the stock models do not fit your requirements, we can custom make something for your project. Below are some pictures of custom units we already produced.  We are experienced with fabrication.  Popular designs include pass through cabinets for large stones, glass panels, and metal tubing.  We do custom work and make it affordable, just like with our standard bead blasting cabinet.  Made in the USA and budget friendly.  Most importantly, if you have any questions about design or application contact our friendly customer service.


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Our Bargain Sandblasting Equipment – Not used, like new!

If we receive equipment that has minor scratches or dents from shipping, we mark it down to move fast.  You get a brand new piece of equipment at bargain pricing.  Please subscribe to the “bargains” list to be notified when these great deals are available.

High Quality and Affordable Abrasive Media Sandblasting Cabinets

Cyclone has 40+ years of industry experience and knowledge.  Above all we know how to deliver powerful high quality abrasive sandblasting equipment and supplies.  Most importantly, we make it budget friendly.  Our equipment is constructed from high quality steel and carefully assembled.  We check everything before it leaves the shop.  All this is done by members of our local community.  We take great pride in labeling our equipment made in the USA.  As a result you get the best sandblasting cabinets, supplies and equipment made in the USA at affordable prices.

With our customer service you will speak to a person who knows sandblasting.  Our office does not have a complicated phone system.  If you call us, you’ll speak directly with someone who can help you.  No nonsense.

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  • Welded Steel
  • No Leaks
  • Made in the USA
  • Customer Service
  • Complete Line
  • Budget Friendly
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The Best Sandblasting Cabinet | Easy and Affordable.

In searching for the best sandblasting cabinet around, search no further.  Cyclone produces high quality sand blasting equipment and we make it easy on your budget.  As a result, you get the best sandblasters and supplies at affordable pricing.  No shortcuts.  We weld our cabinets, seal them, and before they leave the dock our team checks them for quality.  Our customer service is a phone call or email away to help you.  We have a small team who are all knowledgeable.  You call or email – we answer.

Sandblasting Cabinets

Good abrasive media blasting cabinets should be sturdy and easy to use.  Above all else they should work!  We engineer our cabinets with welded steel.  Because of this, they are extremely sturdy.  Additionally, they don’t leak.  Next, we include features like big steel side doors and easy open tops.  These features make it easy to get parts into and out of the sand blast cabinet.