Aluminum Oxide Blast Media White


We offer white aluminum oxide for sale in 50 pound bags.  You can purchase a single pail or multiple pallets.  Pricing is given below once you select a grit size.  We simply need a location to ship to for a freight quote.  Call or email us for volume pricing.  Click “Description” below for more information about white aluminum oxide blasting material.


Additional information

Weight50 lbs
White AlOx Grit Sizes

Abrasive Shape


White aluminum oxide blast media is a popular and efficient media type.  Created from fusing alumina and iron filings in an arc furnace, this all-purpose media is ideal for honing and polishing parts.  Next, it produces an ‘anchor’ pattern in preparation for re-coating various surfaces.  Additionally, its angular shape performs well when removing heavy foreign matter.  White aluminum oxide is excellent for deburring, etching glass and lettering stone.  It is hard and extremely fast cutting.  Thus it can be reused several times before discarding.  White aluminum oxide blast media is also available in a variety of sizes.  Finally, other uses for white aluminum oxide blasting material are etching medical/dental parts, preparing surfaces for coatings, engine parts, and preparation for welding and bonding.

If you want to know more about white aluminum oxide blasting material, we have this page for you to look over.  Also, we have a very detailed abrasive media page here.  It describes many abrasive media properties to help you learn more about abrasive media.  When you are ready to purchase, you can call or email us and we can assist. If you have any further questions we are ready to help you.