Sandblast Nozzle 5 CFM TC

5 CFM Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

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Sandblast Nozzle 5 CFM TC

This is 5 CFM tungsten carbide sandblast nozzle.  It is a 1.5″ long cylinder, roughly 1/2″ outside diameter, and a roughly 3/16″ ID opening.

What is a sandblast nozzle?

Sandblast nozzles control the outflow of air and abrasive flow within a sandblast system.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and composition.  Some are steel, some, ceramic, some boride, and some tungsten. The harder the nozzle’s composition, the longer it will last during blasting (all other things the same).

This nozzle works with our part numbers:

 Figure A

Works with part number 7005 (Shown as Figure A)

Figure B

Works with part number 7001 (Shown as Figure B)


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