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  • This is a prototype model of our popular DT 350 Downdraft Table.  Sometimes called a downdraft workstation this unit is like new.  It provides 350 CFM of air movement.  It is not intended for flammable or other hazardous materials.  Ideal for small tool work where large debris is present.  The airflow is generated by 1/3 Horsepower motor.  Additionally, the motor is protected by a large cartridge filter.  As a result, the motor will last longer! If you wonder what you can do with a downdraft table, here is an example.  A downdraft table can be used as a workbench for woodworking takes place.  Drilling or sawing will produce dust and large pieces of wood debris.  Keep your workspace clean by using a downdraft table.  The airflow will pull any dust and debris down through the perforated steel tabletop.  Again, no hazardous or flammable material should be used with this unit, it is not designed for this purpose.  Finally,  the unit is constructed of 16 gauge welded steel.  Thus, this unit is very sturdy.  Also, it comes with an internal light fixture and a large hinged view window.
  • Dust Collector

    Looking for a fantastic deal on a dust collector extractor or abrasive media separator?  Well, check out this deal.  This unit is a 355 CFM dust collector and it also has a media separator attached.  This is a two-in-one unit capable of recycling various abrasive media.  As a result the dust collector will keep the interior of a bead or media blast cabinet visible during use.  And, it will separate used media from good during the process.
    • This unit is $650 PLUS Shipping.
    • 355 CFM
    • Electric Motor:  110 volt, 3,450 RPM
    • 9" Aluminum Drive Blower (HUGE AIRFLOW)
    • Large Cartridge Filter
    • Cloth Filter Wrap
    When used in a blast cabinet, this prototype is all steel and works great at extracting dust from the interior of the cabinet.  As a result, the cabinet interior has more visibility so the users can see inside the cabinet.  Known as a dust collector or dust extractor because these devices draw air out of an abrasive sandblasting cabinet.  They are often called sandblasting dust collectors or sandblasting dust extractors.

    Media Separator

    An abrasive media separator is an excellent way to reuse abrasive blasting media.  While not all media can be recycled, in many cases media can be recovered and reused.