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  • This replacement sandblaster part is an Acrylic Sandblast Window 10"x25".  This is a specially designed window that is safer than using traditional glass.  Traditional glass, if broken, is sharp and dangerous.  This is a direct replacement window for our cabinets.  Please look below for Found on Model for specifics.  When ordering, it is helpful to specify your cabinet type.  Replacing the glass in your Cyclone Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet is very easy to do and can be done with hand tools.
  • This is a Cyclone Foot Pedal Assembly Complete replacement for pedal operated sandblast systems.  Over time, valves, hoses, and barbs may wear out with even proper use.  This part includes a steel foot pedal structure, installed control valve, and 6' of air hose to allow convenient placement of the pedal.  Simply remove the old unit and put this in place.  Replacement can be done with hand tools.
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