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The best dust collection systems for sale at budget friendly pricing

New or Used Cyclone Provides the best dust collection systems made in the USA

Cyclone provides like new dust collection systems at budget friendly prices. Many of our "used" dust collectors are prototypes meaning they are like new. We have many prototypes for sale that we use in our design process. We also sell units that have minor dents and scratches from shipping. These used dust extractors are 100% functional and they are priced to move. If you're in the market for a budget dust collector or downdraft table, check out our used inventory. These are fully functional dust collectors and downdraft tables, high quality and still budget friendly.

The best budget dust collectors and downdraft tables for many applications

Dust collectors are used with sandblasting equipment, woodworking, sandblaster or sandblasting rooms. Often referred to as dust extractors, these devices can be used to remove dust or other material from an environment. Whether searching for the best dust collector for a small shop or home, Cyclone produces the best dust collector options available at affordable budget friendly pricing.

Cyclone also offers the best high quality downdraft tables made in the USA. Downdraft tables do not collect dust like a dust collector does. They perform a different, although similar task. Downdraft tables produce a current or flow of air that contains debris and dust while the user works on the perforated table. The air flows through the perforated work table pulling the debris downward. Larger debris will be captured by the perforations, smaller debris particles go through the holes and into the hopper. The large cartridge filter prolongs the life of the ½ horsepower motor.

Downdraft tables do not protect the user from airborne dust and users should always read manuals, and understand what they are doing, and know that the user is ultimately responsible for their safety and health. Our downdraft tables will not completely protect users from flying debris, the downdraft table does help contain the flying debris. Eye and respiratory protection are recommended and the user should take appropriate action to understand their risks associated with their work.

Our used dust collector inventory for sale is below. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by calling or emailing. We can provide shipping prices over the phone.

Benefits of our used dust collection systems:

  Cyclone-Affordable High Quality
  Prototype models are full feature units.
  Scratch and dent units with full warranty!
  Full support on what we sell
  Best Dust Collection Systems
  Budget Friendly Dust Collectors
  Powerful and flexible downdraft tables
  Cyclone Dust Extractors - Steel and Long Lasting

Used Dust Extractor Inventory

DT-350 Downdraft Table

350 CFM from ½ Horsepower Motor

Quantity One Available - This is a prototype model, hardly used!

Downdraft Front View

model dt-350 dust collection system downdraft table woodworking table

Downdraft Table Highlights:

Made in the USA

Perforated Work Table

Large Cartridge Filter

16 Gauge Welded Steel Construction

350 Cubic Feet per Minute of Airflow

Downdraft Table Side View

model dt-350 dust collection system downdraft table woodworking table

This is a prototype unit. It has some minor use, but only while we were testing. The unit still functions like brand new. The view window is hinged and opens wide for easy access to parts while the view window includes mylar to lengthen the window life. The entire top of the cabinet is also hinged to make cartridge maintenance easy. The unit includes a lighting fixture providing illumination within the work area.

This downdraft table is very flexible and has many uses. Wordworking, grinding and other tool work where dust and woodchips and debris would normally scatter are drawn down into the unit. We protect our ½ horsepower motor with a large cartridge filter. The large worktable is perforated to allow maximum airflow, keeping visibility high and helps contain debris while you work.

Imagine cutting or sanding wood while having the huge draw of the unit pulling the dust into it's large hopper. The DT-350 performs in any non-hazardous/non-flamable/non-explosive application where you need a huge amount of airflow to keep your visibilty clear and your eyes on the workpiece. The hopper is large, so emptying it is an infrequent activity, of course, this depends on your use too. The ½ horsepower motor produces an amazing 350 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow.

This unit is not for use with hazardous material, airborne contaminates or flamable/explosive materials.

Downdraft Front View - in use

model dt-350 dust collection system downdraft table woodworking table

Downdraft Table Specifications

Overall Dimensions63" (h) x 45" (w) x 21" (d)
Working Dimensions39" (h) x 30" (w) x 19" (d)
Window24" x 9" Acrylic with Mylar protection
Construction16 gauge welded steel
Internal Light SystemUser Supplied Bulb
Airflow350 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
WorktablePerforated Table
FiltrationLarge Cartridge Filter
Electrical115 Volts
Weight225 lbs. (common carrier)

Downdraft Front View - Lid Open

model dt-350 dust collection system downdraft table woodworking table

NOTE: The lid opens AND the view window is hinged too.

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