The Best Sandblasting Cabinet for the Money

When searching for a sandblaster for sale, you may also search the best sandblasting cabinet for the money.  As you search, we want to help by pointing out key features of blast cabinets that we believe are useful.  We offer small to large sandblasting cabinets for sale.  Of course we believe our cabinets are the best value for the money and we will explain why.  If you prefer to just browse sandblasting cabinets, please click here to do so.

Sandblaster Made in the USA

Cyclone sandblasting cabinets are constructed of 16 gauge steel.  Additionally, our cabinet legs are heavy 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ thick angle iron.  Certain models, like our HD4836 use 12 gauge steel for legs.  As a result, our blast cabinets are sturdy.  Further, because of our welding and sealing process our cabinets will not leak.  When you search for a sandblaster for sale, keep an eye out for whether the units are assembled or require assembly.  Cyclone blast cabinets come fully assembled.  As a result, you won’t spend time bolting on legs, tops or doors.  Aside from time, having all those bolts can cause media to leak out of the cabinet.

Made in the Community

The Cyclone facility is located in Dowagiac, Michigan.  Our team of engineers, fabricators, office members, and painters all work in our local community.  They work hard to make our products high quality and affordable.  Why does this matter?  With a small town approach, our team is always focused on delivering the best possible products to our customers.

About Cyclone Facility Outside-abrasive sandblasting cabinets

Sandblaster Construction

We are a full fabrication metal shop.  We employ craftspeople who know how to deliver high quality work.  From presses to punches we use it all to make amazing sandblasting cabinets.

We use several plasma cutters in our facility.  Cabinet designs in CAD are delivered to our systems.  Precision cuts and amazing welders make tight seams that won’t leak!

Don’t settle for a spray painted cabinet.  We powder coat our cabinets inside and out.  As a result you get a great looking sandblast cabinet that will last a very long time.

The end result of all this metal work is a high quality blast cabinet that will not leak.  Most importantly, Cyclone cabinets are fully assembled.  Other cabinets may require you to bolt on legs, tops, and side doors.  This makes the cabinets less sturdy and prone to leaks.  Not us.  We deliver fully assembled sandblasting cabinets that will not leak.

A Sandblasting Box?

Let’s face it.  A sandblasting cabinet is just a box.  This is why some people look for a sandblasting box along with a sandblaster for sale.  Although that’s a fair description, we do not recommend using a box to sandblast!  The critical aspect of our sandblasting cabinets is that the abrasive media is contained.  Abrasive media escaping during use could be hazardous in many ways.  We cover sandblasting safety in this article.