Model DWS-6035 - Large Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Dual Workstation Abrasive Sandblast Cabinet

Industrial Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Cyclone Model DWS-6035 blast cabinet is a large abrasive-blasting cabinet with tremendous room for a variety of parts. A flip top opening blast cabinet lid offers convenient and efficient access to the work piece(s). A convenient metal side door also comes on board the DWS-6035 abrasive blast cabinet. What does DWS mean? It stands for Dual Work Station. Two people can work together on on a work piece or a single user can easily move from station to station to continue working without having to open the cabinet!

The Cyclone DWS-6035 abrasive blast cabinet comes with two sets of comfortable rubber blast gloves that protect your hands, and gives the users the ability to easily reach around inside the sandblast cabinet. With dimensions like the DWS-6035, the chamber allows for parts of almost all sizes. The DWS-6035 abrasive-blasting cabinet comes with our powerful DC-1500 abrasive-blasting cabinet dust collector. Perfect to keep visibility on the part(s) inside the blast cabinet.

Cyclone abrasive sandblast cabinets are made in Michigan, USA. Our cabinets are constructed of high-quality steel, welded then sealed. This produces stable units with big capacity and no leaking outside the cabinet. Our doors, and lids are also steel which adds additional confidence in the seal when you feel the latches close tight.

Model DWS-6035 - Dual Workstation Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Large Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Abrasive Blast Cabinet Front View - Closed

model DWS-6035 abrasive blaster bead blast cabinet abrasive blasting cabinet abrasive-blasting

Abrasive Blast Cabinet Highlights:

Two Pair of Blast Gloves

Large Openings

Gas assist lift springs = easy open full top lid

Large Metal Side Door

Two Blast Guns

Two Foot Pedals

Full Top Opening top means larger capacity

Made in USA

Constructed of 16 gauge welded steel

Includes Model DC-1500 Blast Cabinet Dust Collector

Large View Window with Mylar Window Protector

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Abrasive Blast Cabinet Front View - Open

model DWS-6035 abrasive blaster bead blast cabinet abrasive blasting cabinet abrasive-blasting

Abrasive Blast Cabinet Detail

Our blast cabinets stand out among the competition because of their high quality construction. Welded 16 gauge steel, sealed to prevent leaking. Our abrasive blast systems have a solid frame and include a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The DWS-6035 abrasive blaster include two foot pedals that operated two independent blast guns to control the flow of abrasive blasting abrasives to the blasting nozzle. Operating both guns at the same time requires air connection to both systems. g

Abrasive Blast Cabinet Specifications

Overall Dimensions 60" (h) x 65" (w) x 36" (d)
Working Dimensions 27" (h) x 60" (w) x 35" (d)
Window 46" x 13" Acrylic with Mylar protection
Blast System25 CFM, Tungsten Carbide (two included)
Blaster OperationFoot pedal operated (two included)
ConstructionWelded 16 gauge steel
Air Requirements25 CFM @ 70-90 PSI
Electrical 110 Volts Req. 2 Incandescent Bulbs
Dust Collector 90 CFM DC-1500
Weight 350 lbs. (common carrier only)

Side Door Schematic

model DWS-6035 abrasive blaster bead blast cabinet abrasive blasting cabinet abrasive-blasting

More about this Abrasive Blast Cabinet:

Model DWS-6035 ships with a standard steel side door. This large abrasive-blasting cabinet provides ample room inside, yet is designed to maximize floor space. Work pieces can easily be lifted and placed inside the cabinet because of the top opening lid. The side door can be used to move the work piece(s) as needed, or can be used to insert and remove parts. The sandblast cabinet side door is the same steel as the cabinet, never plastic!

If you are shopping for a powerful abrasive-blasting system, that is budget friendly, look no more. Our units are affordable and deliver big on quality and power. Additional features of this sandblast cabinet are the oversize access ports. The rubber blast cabinet gloves protect the user's hands and are long enough and flexible so that the entire work area inside the cabinet is accessible without lifting the lid.

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Make Your Abrasive Blast Cabinet Investment Count

You'll search the web for abrasive blaster, sand blast, abrasive sand blast Cabinet. Then, you may try media blaster, abrasive blast cabinet, bead blaster. There will be many results, but the one you can count on is Cyclone Manufacturing. Despite the fact that basic abrasive-blasting hasn't changed in decades, we constantly engineer solutions designed to fit today's demands. With forty years in this industry, we've seen almost everything.

Don't settle for anything less than a Cyclone. We take extreme pride in our locally staffed engineers who fabricate our cabinets in house. Our strong steel legs give our cabinets an extremely solid feel. Competitive units may offer bolt on or pop riveted parts. This assembly will feel less stable and ultimately lead to unhappy users. Our bead blast cabinets, are welded and sealed to reduce leaks. Many competitor's cabinets overlook the steps that we take to help reduce leaking.

Shop Budget Friendly Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Our units are engineered and crafted by professionals, you are buying quality. We understand that an investment in an abrasive machinery system carries a cost. That's why we build our units with high standards and reasonable prices. The competition charges more but provides lower quality (pop rivets/bolt on) cabinets. Call us for a quote today!

Abrasive Blast Cabinets Made in the USA

media blasters pressure sandblaster bead blast cabinets

What Goes Into the Best Abrasive Blast Cabinet?


Precision craftsmanship, expert engineering, and exceptional support. Our equipment is your answer to the most difficult sand blast requirements. Selecting the right blast unit can be a difficult process. Part size, air consumption, and media type all play critical roles in your results. Our product catalog includes steel welded benchtop abrasive abrasive blast cabinets, large media abrasive abrasive blast cabinets, and many sizes in between. Many of our blast cabinets come with our DC-1500 abrasive-blasting cabinet dust collector. The DC-1500 provides 90 CFM of exhaust out of the blast cabinet, helping improve visibility inside the cabinet. Confused by the terms and variation in what you think is a "sand blaster"? Check out our "All About Abrasive Blast" page and learn more.


Don't forget about customer service! When you contact us by email or person, you will get a person. Not only that, you will get a person who can help. Everyone has experience with the phone tree, and being transferred from person to person only to get disconnected! Not with Cyclone. We take pride in our equipment, but if you have an issue or a breakdown - we will help you. That's the difference between us and the other sandblast company vendors out there.


We also carry abrasive blasting guns, and a complete line of abrasive blaster parts and abrasive-blasting accessories. You can also check out our gently used sandblast equipment here on our bargains page.

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