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Model PT-100 Pressure Pot Abrasive Blaster

Portable Direct Pressure Pot Blaster

What is pressure abrasive-blasting?

Pressure blasting is different, yet very similar to siphon abrasive-blasting! Confusing? Not with Cyclone pressure pot abrasive blasters. Our pressure abrasive blaster pots are ASME certified to safely handle a specific range of pressure. This is very important and we take an extra step by adding a safety relief valve. Our pressure pot abrasive blasters also include an additional safety feature. The top of the tank has a handle that must be lifted when pressurizing the tank. A thick seal is formed between the handle and tank to pressurize the tank. The pressure sandblast hose used on our pressure pot blasters is designed for the pressure our blasters use. Pressure pot abrasive-blasting combines this pressurized vessel (pot) with a hose and sandblast blast nozzle. The pot is pressurized, and when ready, the user opens a valve to release the abrasive-blasting abrasive toward the work. Pressure abrasive-blasting is a faster process compared to siphon fed abrasive blasters.

Direct pressure abrasive blast cabinets and pressure pot abrasive blasters are a popular way to make quick work out of glass etching, removing debris and old paint. Deburring parts is another popular use. Click here to read a little more about what pressure pot sandlbast cabinets can do. Pressure blasters can use abrasives of almost any kind. We can provide safe sandblast abrasives for your application, Check Out our abrasives.

Model PT-100 - Pressure Pot Abrasive Blaster

Portable Pressure Pot Blaster

The PT-100 pressure pot abrasive blaster features all the great aspects you need with a pressure abrasive blaster. A powerful sandblast stream with the flexibility of solid construction and portability.

Looking to get into a pressure abrasive blaster? Not interested in spending thousands of dollars? Consider our PT-100 pressure pot abrasive blaster. This pressure abrasive blaster has amazing power. We would be happy to discuss how to help you with a PT-100 pressure abrasive blaster. If we can help, reach out today. Call us today at 269-782-9670 or email us at

Pressure Pot Abrasive Blaster Front View

Model PT-100 pressure abrasive blaster

Pressure Blaster Highlights:

Sturdy 6" Rubber wheels

Made in USA

ASME Certified Tank Construction

Carbon Steel Valve Operated Blast System

Pressure Pot Abrasive Blaster Specifications

Sand Capacity 100 lb.
Tank Diameter 12"
Tank Height 23"
Overall Height 29"
Hose 10' - 1/2" ID Hose
Nozzle 1/8" Ceramic
Air Requirements 23 CFM @ 100 PSI
Weight 70 lbs. (UPS)
Features Gauge-pressure relief valve, goggles

Pressure Pot Blaster Detail

Our premier mobile pressure blasting system. The PT-100 pressure pot has a large capacity, powerful pressure blast system, and all the power you need. The unit easily rolls on the large rubber-treaded wheels, and with a 10 foot long hose, the user can work without the hassle of constantly moving the unit.

Pressure blast systems utilize a pressure vessel, or a "pot". Don't settle for any pressure vessel that does not carry an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) approval. Abrasive media is poured into the pot and then the pot is pressurized. The user then opens a valve and the pressure flows out of the pot carrying the abrasive with it. Pressure pots can be connected to a cabinet or they can be stand alone units like our PT-100 and PT-100-SK. Direct pressure units can reside on a blast cabinet or as with our units roll on heavy-duty wheels. Direct pressure units provide sufficient energy to push any type of abrasive, at a lower pressure than siphon fed units.

Ready to buy a pressure abrasive blaster? Need help? Call us or email us, we'd love to hear from you!

Pressure Pot Cabinet Manual, Parts-List, Troubleshooting

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