Direct Pressure Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets
and Pressure Pot Sandblasters

High Quality - The best pressure pot blasters and Direct pressure abrasive sandblasters made in the USA

Pressure Pot Models

Cyclone pressure pot abrasive sandblaster systems currently come in two configurations. Both pressure pots hold 100 US pounds of abrasive, have 10' of sandblast hose, a carbon steel blast system, and an ASME certified tank. Model PT-100 has rugged wheels that move with you as needed during blasting. The PT-100-SK has wheels too, but this unit is designed to work with an existing abrasive blasting cabinet. It can bring direct pressure abrasive sandblasting to an existing cabinet.

Direct Pressure Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

Model DP-38 is our high-quality direct pressure abrasive blast cabinet. It has solid 16 gauge welded steel construction and attached is a pressure pot and tungsten carbide blasting system. With an air gauge and foot pedal operated blaster, this unit puts you in total control of a powerful direct pressure blast stream. This makes quick work out of your toughest projects

Need More Info on A Blast Cabinet?

This page provides high-level information on our direct pressure abrasive sandblasting cabinets. Click the image or the button on a cabinet to learn more about a specific unit or call us today and let us answer any questions you may have. If you need a refresher on direct pressure compared to siphon feed blast machines, read more about it here and read this short comparison list.

Model PT-100 Pressure Pot Blaster Sandblaster

Direct Pressure Pot
Industrial Abrasive Sandblaster

 100 US Pound Abrasive Capacity
 10' Pressure Rated Sandblast Hose
 Solid Rubber Wheels
 Can ship UPS
 Includes air gauge, relief valve, goggles

Model DP-38 Direct Pressure Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

36"W x 23"D
Direct Pressure
Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet

 36" Wide x 23" Deep Working Dimensions
 Full Top Opening
 Includes Air Regulator and Gauge
 Foot Pedal Operated Sandblast Gun

Model PT-100-SK Pressure Pot Sandblaster

Direct Pressure Pot
Industrial Abrasive Sandblaster
Side Kick

 Can ship UPS
 Includes 10' Pressure Rated Sandblast Hose
 Top Opening
 100 US Pound Abrasive Capacity
 Solid Rubber Wheels