Industrial Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets and Benchtop Abrasive Sandblasters
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High Quality Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets
Benchtop Abrasive Sandblasters
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cyclone abrasive sandblast blasting cabinets

Cyclone Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets Feature Side Doors, Full Top, Top Opening, and Passthrough Access Ports

Sandblasting Choices

Below is full list of large high quality abrasive industrial sandblasting cabinets and pressure pot blast systems. Our sandblasters are built from steel, welded and we offer quality abrasive blasting equipment at affordable pricing. Our benchtop abrasive blaster is just as powerful as our large abrasive sandblasting cabinets, but easily fits on work bench.

High Quality Construction

Our industrial blasting cabinets have welded seams are we seal them to prevent leaks. The steel and welding are important when searching for a sandblaster cabinet for sale. This is because it makes our cabinets sturdy. You have to consider that the cabinet must support the weight of abrasive and the work pieces. Compare our abrasive blasting cabinets to the competition. We have higher quality blast cabinets that last longer, we provide better support, and affordable budget friendly pricing.

Sandblaster Flexibility

Most of our large industrial abrasive blast cabinets include a sandblasting dust collector. Our dust collectors are not attached to our blast cabinets. This allows better flexibility in placing the blast cabinet within your workspace. We have dust collection systems that range from 90 CFM to 12,000 CFM - plenty of power to cycle the air in the blasting cabinet.

Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets - Made In the USA

We produce our equipment in Dowagiac, Michigan and our team consists of members of our local community - so Made in the USA is not just a label.

The Best Sandblasters

Competitive units come with bolt-on legs that will wobble under the weight of abrasive media and your parts. Competitive models will leak on arrival, can be difficult to setup and maintain, and will ultimately disappoint you. Cyclone produces quality at affordable prices, and we warranty our work to prove it.

We manufactures siphon sandblasting cabinets, direct pressure abrasive sandblast cabinets and tumbling sandblasters.

Siphon Feed Sandblasters

 Lower Initial Cost
 Lower Long-term operating costs Initial Cost
 Great for most general applications
 Easy to setup/maintain
 Uses less air than direct pressure sandblasters
 Longer cleaning times compared to direct pressure
 Will not easily push steel shot abrasive media (steel shot is too heavy)

Direct Pressure Sandblasters

 Slightly Higher Initial Cost
 Slightly Higher Long-term operating costs Initial Cost
 Slightly Higher Long-term operating costs Initial Cost
 Can be more difficult to setup/maintain compared to siphon feed sandblasters
 Uses more air than siphon feed sandblasters
 Shorter cleaning times compared to siphon feed
 Will push steel shot abrasive media
Made in the USA Cyclone in usa Abrasive Blast Cabinet, abrasive blaster, benchtop abrasive blaster

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