Model BT-20 Benchtop Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

Cyclone Model BT-20 benchtop abrasive sandblast cabinet comes in one size. This unit is perfect for smaller parts and applications. Cyclone's BT-20 benchtop sandblasting cabinet is often copied by the competition but no one can produce the quality of this benchtop cabinet. The “knock off“ products just do not compare to our fully steel welded cabinet. From a local community, we fabricate our own steel, powder coat the unit to finish and protect, then seal it tight. No leaking. Whether you call it a mini abrasive blaster or benchtop sandblaster, the BT-20 will not let you down.

We offer the BT-20 as the best affordalbe benchtop sandblaster around. This unit will last longer than the cheaper competitive units and we stand behind our craftsmanship with a warranty. Steel welds, solid construction, and easy to setup and use. Avoid the DIY sandblaster (Do It Yourself) cabinets. The BT-20 is like any good tool, an affordable investment.

Model BT-20 Benchtop Abrasive Sandblast Cabinet

Small Abrasive Blaster - Benchtop Sandblasting Cabinet

Benchtop Sandblaster Cabinet Front View - Open

model BT-20 abrasive blaster bead blast cabinet abrasive blasting cabinet abrasive-blasting

Abrasive Sandblaster Cabinet Highlights:

Best Affordable Benchtop Sandblasting Cabinet

Can ship by UPS

Made in USA

Constructed of 16 gauge welded steel - Very sturdy!

Easy Setup - Unpack, connect, blast!

Safety valve on lid, cuts air supply when lid is open.

Protecive film on view window helps prolong window life.

Comfortable gloves, and foot pedal blaster operation

Short Lead Times

Benchtop Sandblaster Cabinet - Front View

model BT-20 abrasive blaster bead blast cabinet abrasive blasting cabinet abrasive-blasting

Benchtop Sandblaster Detailed Specifications

Overall Dimensions28" (h) x 20" (w) x 18" (d)
Working Dimensions12" (h) x 19" (w) x 18" (d)
Window12 ½" x 8 ½" acrylic
Construction16 gauge steel
Gloves18" Rubber Gloves
Blast System18 ID - WITH lid based safety valve
Blast System3.6 cfm @ 50 PSI
Blaster OperationFoot Pedal Operated
Dust CollectorRequired, not included. 2 ¼" opening
ElectricalElectrical: 110 Volts
WeightWeight: 75 lbs. ships via UPS

The BT-20 Benchtop Sandblaster

Cyclone abrasive blast cabinets stand out among other abrasive blasters because of their high-quality construction. Welded 16 gauge steel then sealed to keep leaks away. This unit is our benchtop abrasive sandblaster cabinet model. A small abrasive blaster design that brings big blast cabinet power.

The sandblaster gun system features a tungsten carbide sandblast nozzle and is operated via a comfortable foot pedal. Comfortable unlined rubber gloves and an aesthettic view window angle make the BT-20 a comfortable abrasive sandblaster to work with.

The Cyclone BT-20 abrasive sandblasting cabinet:

This benchtop abrasive sandblast cabinet provides ample room inside, yet is designed to be a powerful unit in a small footprint. Don't settle for other benchtop abrasive blasters that don't deliver the quality our BT-20 blast cabinet brings. If you are searching for an affordable abrasive sandblaster for sale, that delivers quality, look no more. We provide support on all our products, personally respond to emails, and we do not have a phone system - we answer in person. Cyclone offers a full catalog of sandblasting supplies, accessories and media. Rememver - NEVER USE any kind of sand in your abrasive blast cabinet - silicosis can kill you. Our All About Sandblasting page can provide more information.

We can quote you a price over the phone. We just need a delivery address. We control our own manufacturing process, so we have significantly lower lead times and can provide the best sandblasting equipment available and we make it affordable.

Cabinet Manual, Parts-List, Troubleshooting

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Please call for Parts List