Why BLOG about Blasting?

Abrasive Sandblasting is known by many names.  And, despite being a simple process, has many complexities to consider in order to be successful.  Our “BLOG” intends to enlighten anyone interested in learning more.  Because we care about our users, it is important to us that we provide as much industry information as possible.  As a result, our products and articles are designed around providing high quality in form and function.  Additionally, if there are topics we can address for you, just let us know.

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We keep an eye on the competition, and we know they keep an eye on us!  As a result, when we see our content on their site it is a compliment.  But, because we are the real source for information on sandblasting, media/bead blasting, we take great pride in bringing it to our community first.  Establishing trust in our industry is important because the blasting process is dangerous.


What is a Downdraft Table?

What is a Downdraft Table? In short, you can use a downdraft table to keep your work area clean when doing any small tool work.  As a result they are popular with woodworkers.  This is because when sawing or

What is media blasting?

Model DP-38 Media Blast Cabinet Small Media Blaster - Model BT 20 Benchtop What is media blasting? A media blaster propels abrasive media from an air powered media blast gun.  If you would like

What is a Bead Blaster

Model 4040 Bead Blaster What is bead blasting? A bead blaster propels bead shaped abrasive media from an air powered bead blaster gun.  An in depth review of "what is sandblasting" may be in order if

What is Sandblasting?

What is Sandblasting? What is sandblasting?  Before we dig in, let's set the scene and talk about sandpaper.  Bear with us on this.  We know sandpaper is abrasive and is used to rub against

Choosing the Right Abrasive

Choosing the Right Abrasive Media for your Sandblasting Project Sandblasting Sand, DO NOT USE IT Silica Sand is Dangerous Safer Alternatives Exist Safer Options Glass Beads

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