Glass Bead Media Overview

Available in a wide range of sizes, glass beads are one of the most popular blast media used in abrasive blast cabinets today. This all-purpose media is used for honing, polishing, peening, blending, finishing, removing light burrs, frosting glass and cleaning most light foreign matter. Additionally, paint, rust, scale and surface residues are some of the common removal uses.  As a result, glass bead blasting generally will not change dimensional tolerances and can detect weld and solder flaws.

Glass beads are typically consumed at a slow rate in bead blasting equipment.  Additionally, they also survive multiple impacts, and thus can be recycled several times. Glass beads, made of recycled glass.  Therefore, they are chemically inert.  Thus the leave no ferrous or other undesirable residue on the prepared surface. When used properly, glass beads leave a controlled and clean finish on the prepared surface.

Glass Bead Media For Sale

We offer the following grit sizes:

  • 40-60
  • 60-100
  • 100-170
  • 170-325

We offer our glass bead media in 50 US pound pails.  Thus, the pails are easy to lift and empty and are reusable after the media is exhausted.  Next, when you are ready to order click the image and then select the desired grit size .  With just your shipping address we provide a quote on any size order.

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Glass Bead Media Sizes

Glass Bead Media Uses

When used properly, glass beads can be used to clean a surface without significantly changing tolerances or introducing pollutants.

Glass bead media, when used properly, can create a wide range of easily reproduced and unique surface finishes.