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  • 5/16 inch ID, Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for Part Number 222
  • This replacement sandblaster part is an Acrylic Sandblast Window 10"x25".  This is a specially designed window that is safer than using traditional glass.  Traditional glass, if broken, is sharp and dangerous.  This is a direct replacement window for our cabinets.  Please look below for Found on Model for specifics.  When ordering, it is helpful to specify your cabinet type.  Replacing the glass in your Cyclone Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet is very easy to do and can be done with hand tools.
  • This is a Cyclone Foot Pedal Assembly Complete replacement for pedal operated sandblast systems.  Over time, valves, hoses, and barbs may wear out with even proper use.  This part includes a steel foot pedal structure, installed control valve, and 6' of air hose to allow convenient placement of the pedal.  Simply remove the old unit and put this in place.  Replacement can be done with hand tools.
  • Refresh your old blaster with a maintenance kit from Cyclone. This kit comes with a new ceramic nozzle and mylar shields for a more clear view inside your cabinet.  Gloves and an orifice come as well.  Give that old cabinet a new feel and improve your blast pattern too!
  • Our Sandblast Gun 14 CFM Complete is a direct replacement for many sandblasting cabinets.  The complete used on model list is given below. This 14 CFM sandblast gun is a complete unit.  Complete indicates the trigger gun housing, ceramic nozzle, and orifice.  This unit can produce 14 CFM with 70-90 PSI.  A ceramic nozzle, deepening upon use, media, and other factors, will outlast a non-hardened steel nozzle.
  • This part is a 14 CFM sandblast gun orifice.  It is 1/8" ID (Inside Diameter).  It is found on many of our cabinets.  In the table below you will find the "Found on Model" field to help locate your model.  This is a component works in sandblast gun parts.
  • This part is a Sandblast Nozzle Tungsten Carbide 14 CFM.  It can be used either the Cyclone trigger gun assembly Part Number 7001 or the Cyclone Sandblast gun Assembly, part number 7005. This part is a 14 CFM (@70-90PSI) tungsten carbide sandblast gun nozzle.  Tungsten carbide is the toughest nozzle we offer.  It outlasts hardened steel and even ceramic.  The 1/4" ID nozzle opening produces a good cone shape blast pattern and is great for many applications. Installing this nozzle requires simple hex tools found in most toolboxes and is done in less than 5 minutes.
  • A sandblasting window protector is important for prolonging the life of your sandblasting cabinet window.  Cyclone abrasive sandblasting cabinets come installed with a mylar window protector in place.  These window protectors help reduce the damage to the window itself as abrasive moves within the cabinet. Over time the protector will "frost" due to the abrasive.  Therefore, it is regular maintenance to replace the protectors.  This saves the cost of replacing the entire window. This part comes in a package of 12 sheets.  A great deal and excellent way to protect and prolong the life of your abrasive sandblast cabinet window.
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