Industrial Sand Blaster Made in the USA

If you are looking for an industrial sand blaster cabinet look to the HD-4836.  This large sandblasting cabinet is constructed of 16 gauge welded steel.  As a result, the cabinet capacity and strength are amazing.  Welded steel is preferred to bolt on components like legs and hoppers.  Cyclone sand blasting cabinets come assembled and will not leak.

Powerful Industrial Sandblaster Gun

This industrial sand blaster cabinet comes equipped with a powerful 35 CFM industrial sandblast gun.  The unit also includes a foot pedal control.  This means it is easy and comfortably to control the flow of abrasive media.  This large sandblasting cabinet has plenty of blasting power to make quick work of tough jobs.  The industrial sandblast gun   This unit also includes a gas lift assisted front lid.  This makes getting parts in and out of the cabinet very easy.  As a result of all these features you get the best industrial sandblaster at an affordable price.Large comfortable gloves and oversized ports make the industrial sandblasting cabinet very user friendly.  High quality steel and user comfort features make this large sandblasting cabinet one of the best available on the market today.  Finally, we want to make sure we mention our customer service.  If you have questions about our sandblast equipment you can call us and speak directly with a professional.  Forget phone trees and being passed between people.  Cyclone has the experience you need when it comes to sandblasting.

Industrial Sand Blaster - Dust Collector Included

Included with the large sand blasting cabinet is our powerful sandblast dust collector.  The industrial unit produces approximately 400 CFM airflow and is connected to the unit. This much airflow keeps the cabinet interior visible during even the most intense blasting.  The air inside the large blast cabinet chamber turns over roughly 11 times per minute.   The dust collector is controlled by the blast cabinet switch or controlled independently making it flexible.

Importance of a Dust Collector

A dust collector is very important in an industrial sand blasting cabinet.  Prolonged periods of industrial blasting can produce intense amounts of dust.  As a result of too much dust it becomes hard to see inside during use.  That may lead to accidents when blasting a part.  This is why we include a powerful dust collector with our industrial sand blaster.The attached dust collector is easy to use and maintain.  Inside the dust collector is a large canister filter.  The filter is designed to protect the powerful motor that creates the airflow.  Because the cartridge filter traps dust and debris it protects the motor from potential damage.  Cleaning the dust collector is simple too!  When the time comes, just open the trap on the bottom and gravity does the work.  As a result of all these features you can are certain you are getting the best quality and easiest to use sandblast equipment all made in the USA.

Media Separator Included

The HD-4836 industrial sand blasting cabinet includes an attached media separator.  Media separators provide the ability to prolong abrasive media life.  As a result, it can save you money on abrasive media.  Of course, the effectiveness of the media separator depends on the abrasive type, use, and other factors.  Industrial sand blasting involves prolonged periods of blasting.  Therefore, a media separator can add significant value over time.

Affordable High Quality and Made in the USA

We design our sandblast equipment to be reliable.  Cyclone sandblast equipment is easy to maintain too.  As a result of our experience we make sandblasters that are high quality and easy on your budget.  Whether you call it an industrial sandblaster cabinet, bead blaster, or abrasive media blast cabinet - we have it.  Read more about why there are so many names here.Customers trust us because of our quality and dedication to our customers.  Our amazing customer service can provide a shipping quote via the web, email or by phone.  We stand behind our equipment and will be happy to help you.Sand blasting UsesThis industrial sand blaster cabinet has many uses.  Removing rust, carving and engraving glass, and preparing surfaces for almost anything.  The large sandblasting cabinet allows you to quickly load parts.  You can also remove stubborn debris from the surface of your project.  Because of the features and power of this unit, there are too many uses to list.Our friendly customer service is ready help you narrow down the right size sand blasting cabinets, abrasive media, dust collector and sandblaster parts.WARNING:   This cabinet is constructed from steel.  In accordance with proposition 65 we are complying by indicating that steel has been known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to