Model FT-6035

Cyclone Model FT-6035 media blast cabinet is a large sand blast cabinet with tremendous room for a variety of parts. A full top opening blaster complete with a solid closing side door. The FT-6035 comes with comfortable 24“ blast gloves that protect your hands, and gives the user the ability to easily reach around inside the cabinet. With dimensions like the FT-6035, the sand blasting chamber allows for parts of almost all sizes. This model comes equipped with easy-lift gas shocks, making the top flip open with ease.

Any Cyclone sandblaster is a work of quality and power. Our sandblast cabinets and sandblasting systems are designed around our customers. We understand what sandblasters are used for and design our bead blasting equipment around those needs. With budgets in mind, we produce quality that won't hit your bottom line.

Model FT-6035

Top Opening Large Media Blaster

Front View - Closed

model FT-6035 sandblaster bead blast cabinet abrasive sandblast machine sandblast cabinet sandblasting


Full Top Opening top means larger capacity

Made in USA

Constructed of 16 gauge welded steel

Includes Model DC-1500 Blast Cabinet Dust Collector

Large View Window with Mylar Window Protector

Popular Accessories

MK-100-60 Maintenance Kit

EB-25 Parts Basket

ET-150 Turntable

Model DC-4000 Blast Cabinet Dust Collector

Additional Sandblasting Window Protectors

Front View - Open

model FT-6035 sandblaster bead blast cabinet abrasive sandblast machine sandblast cabinet sandblasting

Bead Blaster Detail

Our units stand out among cabinet sandblasters because of their high-quality construction. Welded 16 gauge welded steel, sealed to perfection. This unit is one of our most popular sizes. Our blast systems have a solid frame and include a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The FT-6035 blast systems include a foot pedal to control the flow of sandblasting abrasives to the tungsten carbide blasting nozzle. A tungsten carbide nozzle is an extremely durable nozzle.

Detailed Specifications

Overall Dimensions58" (h) x 65" (w) x 36" (d)
Working Dimensions27" (h) x 60" (w) x 35" (d)
Window46" x 13"
Blast System25 CFM, Tungsten Carbide
Blaster OperationFoot pedal operated
ConstructionWelded 16 gauge steel
Air Requirements25 CFM @ 70-90 PSI Foot Operated
Electrical110 Volts Req. 2 Incandescent Bulbs
Dust Collector90 CFM Dual Filter Vac
Weight350 lbs. (common carrier only)

Side Door Schematic

model FT-6035 sandblaster bead blast cabinet abrasive sandblast machine sandblast cabinet sandblasting

More about this unit:

Model FT-6035 ships with a standard side door. This large sandblasting cabinet provides ample room inside, yet is designed to maximize floorspace. Work pieces can easily be lifted and placed inside the cabinet because of the large full-top opening lid. The side door can be used to move the work piece(s) as needed, or can be used to insert and remove parts.

If you are searching for an economical sandblasting system, look no more. Our units are budget friendly yet deliver big on quality and power. Additional features of this unit are the oversize access ports. The rubber blast cabinet gloves protect the user's hands and are long enough and flexible so that the entire work area inside the machine is accessible without lifting the lid. Finally, this model features a foot pedal blast system (blast cabinet foot valve) giving the user more freedom in the cabinet to control the blast stream.

Cabinet Manual, Parts-List, Troubleshooting

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