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Abrasive Sand Blast Cabinets Made in the USA

Cabinet Quality Matters

You are purchasing a tool, like any tool you want it to last.  We manufacture and weld our abrasive sandblasting cabinets made from 16 gauge steel.  This means a sturdy cabinet that you can depend on for a long time.  We seal and powder coat the cabinets too.  This means a blast system that will not leak and is protected for  years to come.  Not to mention, they look great!

Many people already know what they are looking for in an abrasive sand blast cabinet, here are the two major categories of abrasive sandblasting cabinets we have for sale.  If you would like more information on siphon compared to pressure blasting, please scroll down.

As with any area of our site, if you can’t find what you are looking for or have any questions please contact us.  We are happy to do so.


Siphon/Gravity and Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets

Abrasive Sand Blast Equipment Quick Comparison

Siphon Sandblasters

  • Lower Initial Cost

  • Lower long-term operating costs

  • Great for general/most applications

  • Easy to setup and maintain

  • Uses less air than pressure sandblasters

  • Longer cleaning times compared to pressure blasters

  • Will not easily push steel shot abrasive media (steel shot can be heavy)

Pressure Sandblasters

  • Slightly Higher Initial Costs

  • Slightly Higher Long-term operating costs Initial Cost

  • Can be more difficult to setup/maintain compared to siphon feed sandblasters

  • Uses more air than siphon sandblasters

  • Shorter cleaning times compared to siphon fed units

  • Will push steel shot abrasive media (steel shot can be heavy)

When it comes to an abrasive sandblasting cabinet there are many options.  Arguably the most important is whether you choose a direct pressure or a siphon fed media bead blasting cabinet.  If you are looking for a refresher on bead vs. sand vs. media terminology you can read our documentation.  It’s basically about what comes out of the blasting gun.  More importantly with siphon vs. direct pressure it is how powerful the stream is coming out of the blast gun.

Siphon Fed also called Gravity Fed

A siphon feed blasting system uses something known as the “venturi effect/principle” and draws abrasive media up a tube and out the blast nozzle. High pressure flow from an air compressor passes through a constricted section of the blast gun and creates a difference in pressure where the media tube connects. It is this difference that draws the media up through the blast gun and out the blast nozzle.

Siphon feed blasting systems are adequate for most users providing abrasive media is available and pressure is constant. Siphon feed blasting systems work well with almost any media except steel shot. This is a very heavy abrasive and Siphon Feed systems do not provide sufficient “draw” to pull the media up from the cabinet hopper and out the blast gun.

Pressure or Direct Pressure

These systems utilize a pressure vessel, or a “pot”. Don’t settle for any pressure vessel that does not carry an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) approval. Abrasive media is poured into the pot and then the pot is pressurized. The user then opens a valve and the pressure flows out of the pot carrying the abrasive with it. Pressure pots can be connected to a cabinet or they can be stand alone units like our PT-100 and PT-100-SK. We also offer a direct pressure blasting cabinet, our DP 38.

Direct pressure units can reside on a blast cabinet or as with our units roll on heavy-duty wheels. Direct pressure units provide sufficient energy to push any type of abrasive, at a lower pressure than siphon units.

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