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Floor Standing Sandblast Cabinets

Side, Full Top, Top opening, and Passthrough

Cyclone media blasters and bead blasters, sandblaster sandblast cabinet sandblasting

Standard Features

Stationary Units in a Variety of Sizes

Many units include a dust collector

Constructed of welded steel

A variety of blast gun configurations available

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Our bead blasting cabinet sizes come in a tremendous range. Our floorstanding units come in a variety of openings, top (clam-shell) and full-top opening. Full-top opening provides a larger opening and makes getting work pieces into the unit easier.

Many of our units offer side-door access as well. This can be especially useful for adjusting the part(s) inside. If you are looking for a sandblaster for sale, check with Cyclone! Whether you call it a media blaster or sand blasting machine, Cyclone can help you.

The Cyclone brand is well-known. We can ship anywhere. We can provide a quote with an email or phone call, please Contact Us today!.

Model BT-20 — Sandblaster

Large cabinet bead blasting power with a small footprint

Standard Features

Perfect size for benchtops or workstations

Constructed of welded steel, sturdy!

Don't call it a mini sandblaster, it's small but it is powerful!

Can be moved with ease

Safety valve on lid, cuts air supply when lid is open.

Easy Setup. Unpack, connect, blast!

More Information

Our Model BT-20 bead blasting cabinet comes in one size. Why struggle with sizing a benchtop blaster that may end up too big or too small? Search no more! The BT-20 is often copied by the competition but is never duplicated. “Knock off“ products just do not compare. If you are looking for a sandblaster for sale, check with Cyclone! Whether you call it a mini sandblaster or benchtop sandblaster, Cyclone can help you with an abrasive machine solution.

Cyclone benchtop sandblaster Model BT-20

The Cyclone brand is well-known. We can ship anywhere. We can provide a quote with an email or phone call, please Contact Us today!.

Pressure Sandblaster Systems

High power, mobile, and ability to integrate with sandblast cabinets.

pressure sandblaster sandblaster sandblast cabinet sandblasting

Standard Features

Portable Sandblaster

High pressure, high capacity tanks

Powerful and Efficient

Includes safety features

10' of heavy duty ½“ ID

More Information

Pressure sandblasting is a more powerful way to get the job done! Our pressure sandblaster solutions come in two varieties.

The first is a truly portable unit, complete with solid 6“ rubber wheels. Searching to buy a pressure sandblaster? Solid, sturdy and mobile, our PT-100 pressure sandblaster is all you need.

Our second pressure sandblaster solution is our PT-100-SK. The “SK“ stands for side-kick. This unit offers a complete solution to integrate with an existing media blast/bead blast cabinet. Amazing! Get pressure sandblaster power inside a blast cabinet

The Cyclone brand is well-known. We can ship anywhere. We can provide a quote with an email or phone call, please Contact Us today!.

Make Your Investment Count

You'll search the web for sandblaster, sand blast, sand blast cabinet. Then, you may try media blaster, abrasive blast cabinet, bead blaster. There will be many results, but the one you can count on is Cyclone Manufacturing. Despite the fact that basic sandblasting hasn't changed in decades, we constantly engineer solutions designed to fit today's demands. With forty years in this industry, we've seen almost everything.

Don't settle for anything less than a Cyclone. We take extreme pride in our locally staffed engineers who fabricate our cabinets in house. Our strong steel legs give our cabinets an extremely solid feel. Competitive units may offer bolt-on or pop-riveted parts. This assembly will feel less stable and ultimately lead to unhappy users. Our bead blast cabinets, are welded and sealed to reduce leaks. Many competitor's cabinets overlook the steps that we take to help reduce leaking.

Budget Friendly

Our units are engineered and crafted by professionals, you are buying quality. We understand that an investment in an abrasive machinery system carries a cost. That's why we build our units with high standards and reasonable prices. The competition charges more but provides lower quality (pop-rivets/bolt on) cabinets. Call us for a quote today!

media blasters pressure sandblaster bead blast cabinets

What makes a good sandblast company?


Precision craftsmanship, expert engineering, and exceptional support. Our equipment is your answer to the most difficult sand blast requirements. Selecting the right blast unit can be a difficult process. Part size, air consumption, and media type all play critical roles in your results. Our product catalog includes steel welded benchtop sand blast cabinets, large media blast cabinets, and many sizes in between. Many of our units come with our DC-1500 standard duty dust collector. The DC-1500 provides 90 CFM of exhaust out of the blast cabinet, helping improve visibility inside the cabinet. Confused by the terms and variation in what you think is a "sand blaster"? Check out our "Sandblaster 101" page and learn more.


Don't forget about customer service! When you contact us by email or person, you will get a person. Not only that, you will get a person who can help. Everyone has experience with the phone-tree, and being transferred from person to person only to get disconnected! We take pride in our equipment, but if you have an issue or a breakdown - we will help you. That's the difference between us and the other sandblast company vendors out there.


We also carry abrasive blasting guns, and a complete line of sandblaster parts and sandblasting accessories. You can also check out our gently used sandblast equipment here on our bargains page.

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