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Pressure Pot Sandblasters & Cabinets

Pressure sandblasters and pressure pot sandblasters are significantly more powerful than a gravity or siphon fed sandblasting cabinet.  As a result, the name “pressure blaster” merely indicates how the media is forced from the sandblasting gun.  Above all else, throughout our site you may see the word sandblasting in some form.  Sand was used many years go, and we do not recommend using it in an abrasive blasting cabinet.  Learn more here about the dangers associated with sand.

Our pressure blasters are constructed of welded steel, sealed to prevent leaks, then powder coated to protect.  These media bead blasters are built to work hard and last long.  Finally, our pressure tanks are ASME certified.

Pressure Blasters Lineup

We construct our media bead blasters and pressure blasters from welded steel. Therefore, they are very solid units.  These products are all proudly made in the USA by members of a local community.  The below information represents highlights of our abrasive media bead blasting cabinets (sandblasters).

If you are looking for a siphon or gravity fed blasting cabinet, we have a selection of these systems here.

Model PT 100


Portable Pressure Pot

100 Lb. Capacity

Portable Power


Solid Rubber Wheels
10′ Pressure Sandblast Hose
Carbide Steel Control
Safety Glasses Included
Can Ship UPS

Model PT 100SK


Pressure Pot Conversion Kit

Convert an existing cabinet to pressure power!

Pressure Power


Convert a siphon/gravity cabinet to a pressure sandblaster

This unit comes with the necessary hardware to adapt to an existing blasting cabinet.

Less expensive than buying a NEW pressure sandblaster cabinet.

Pressure Sandblaster Cabinets

Model DP 38


Pressure Sandblaster

36 W x 23 D x 19 H

Includes Accessories!


23 CFM Sandblasting Gun @ 100 PSI
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
Foot Pedal Operated
Includes Air Regulator and Gauge

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