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Abrasive Sand Blast – Deal of the Month!

Abrasive Equipment Promotion of the Month

PROMO CODE  “PAX 4224” – Promotion good through November 15, 2015.

$1,152.00 Plus Shipping – A Savings of $120!!!

We just need a shipping address then we can quote this promotion for you.

Abrasive Equipment Promotion Includes

  • 4224 Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinet

  • One 50 US Pound Pail, 60-100 Glass Bead Abrasive Media

  • Cyclone MK-100 Maintenance Kit

  • DC-1500 90 CFM Dust Collector

Abrasive Equipment Savings

  • Promotional Cost is $1,152.00 + SHIPPING Freight On Board (FOB) Dowagiac, Michigan.

  • A Combined Value of over $120.00

  • High Quality Equipment, Long Lasting, Great Pricing

Abrasive Equipment Walkthrough

High Quality Abrasive Equipment – Affordable – Made in the USA

Looking to buy a sand blast cabinet and want a great deal? Included in this promotion is a model 4224 abrasive blast cabinet, 1 50 US Pound pail of 60-100 glass beads, and our MK-100 maintenance kit. The maintenance kit includes an extra pair of gloves, a ceramic sandblast nozzle, a steel orifice, and a package of window shields.

A great all around cabinet size, the 4224 sand blast cabinet provides a large amount of interior room for small to large pieces. Additionally, it is a FULL TOP opening cabinet. This means an even greater opening for accessing the interior of the cabinet. It also makes lifting parts into and out of the cabinet much easier. Next, the 4224 includes a large right-hand side door. Finally, the side door is constructed from the same steel as the cabinet. Because our cabinets are all high quality steel you can count on a strong, stable and leak free experience.

The 4224 comes standard with a powerful 90 CFM dust collector, our DC 1500.

Finally, in any abrasive sand blast cabinet environment key parts eventually wear out. With our promotion we supply you with the parts that typically wear the fastest. Of course, wear depends on many factors. The “MK-100” maintenance kit includes gloves, ceramic nozzle, steel orifice, and window protection shields.

This promotion offers a combined value of $120 when these items are purchased separately

A combined value of $120 savings!!!

This promotional offer ends 11-15-2018.

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Our monthly deals are a great way to bundle and save.  An abrasive sand blast cabinet has many uses and the combination of a Cyclone abrasive sandblaster is a great way to get the job done.  Better known as bead, media, or abrasive blasters, the bottom line with Cyclone is high quality and great pricing.

Abrasive Equipment

All our abrasive equipment is high quality and made in the USA.  Cyclone has over 40 years in this industry and customer service to help you when you need it most.