T14 Tumble Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

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T14 Tumble Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet

Additional information

Accessories Included



16 Gauge Welded Steel

Electrical Requirements

110 US Volts

Item Weight

175 US Pounds

Lid Assist

No Lifts

Lid Safety Valve

Lid Valve Installed

Lid Style

Flip Top Opening

Overall Dimensions

50" (h) x 30" (w) x 20" (d)

Parts Basket


Sandblast Dust Collector

Not Included

Sandblast System Air Requirements

14 CFM @ 70-100 PSI

Sandblast System Quantity

Single Blast System

Sandblaster Operation

Automated Timer Activated

View Window

25" x 10" Acrylic

View Window Protection

Mylar Protection Installed


The T14 tumble abrasive sandblasting cabinet is a powerful way to add a semi-automatic cleaning process to any small or large shop.  This unit offers a huge parts basket that has welded ribs to properly mix and tumble parts.  This means that while the parts are rotating they are also tumbling.  This will allow the abrasive blast gun to reach all parts while tumbling.  Many competitive units overlook this.  An extremely powerful electric motor rotates the basket.  All the while, the powerful 14 CFM tungsten carbide sandblast gun directs the blast stream into the parts basket.

The important features of this tumble sandblaster are the automatic timer.  Set a time for tumbling and the unit will stop blasting when the timer stops.  This means your parts are turned for you while you perform other activities.  A convenient lid flips up and down as needed.  This means easy access to parts.  A safety valve on the lid comes installed.  Therefore, when you open the lid, the safety valve cuts the air supply protecting users from the blast stream.